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    Well Im wondering what I shuold do now... I have had my Treo750 for 6 months or so now and I love it, my gf just got the wine BlackJack II for AT&T and she doesnt seem to like it. Maybe its because there isnt a community of lovers/supporters out there for it (that I have found anyway) like there is for the Treo or the lack of accesories, unlike this site/store.

    Does anyone know of a good place to converse and/or get accessories for the BlackJack II. I want to help her out because I dont want to see her get frustereated with a WM device like that. If she could find a WM red treo (like the 680) she said she would have gone with that. Which I would help her out with and I know she would be able to accessories right through TC's store.

    Can anyone help me with some links to places that have BJ II accessories? I can pretty much help her with any WM6 questions she might have, but i personally dont like Smartphones w/o touchscreens
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