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    I was walking through the mall yesterday and saw a store selling Helio. They have promo for an all you can use data and voice for $99.

    What is Helio's OS? And can it be tethered to the PC? They seem to be their own telephone company. I think they are a CDMA phone provider although I did not see that on their brochure.

    Anyone with experience on this company and the devices they sell?
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    IIRC it's a custom linux-based os. I honestly only know that they do a good job integrating IM - you can see "available" for everybody on AIM and Yahoo and MSN (I think) right in the contacts list.

    The hardware is super sweet - I believe Pantech manufacturers it. The dual slider is nice.
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    I don't think it is Pantech that make the Ocean, as I have been hearing good things about the quality of the Ocean and not many positive things about Pantech quality.
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    I did look at the dual sliders and it does look and feels great.

    If all the functions really works as they show on the brochure and if could connect laptop to the device to get internet access, I would give the Helio a try. The only other question would be how is their customer service, are they smart and could really help customers or are they like the average CS from the other major telco's?

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