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    my biggest problem was the calendar. i had no cateagories. no way of filtering. it was just hard to keep organized. i was shocked to see such a simple app on the blackberry. with all the professionals out the i would think this would be better on the blackberry.

    second biggest problem was ringer. i have used a "ring and vibe" for at least 5 years now on over 10 phones. why blackberry only does "ring then vibe" is beyond me.

    the phone was stable. what it did it did very well. it's not alsays about the hacks which i would love if we never had to do. it's the things it does right out of the box that matter the most.

    plus i couldn't even find a 3rd party app for the calendar. we all know there are many for the WM devices.

    to each his own though.
    What did you get?

    May the Pda be with you!!
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    You will really like the phone...nothing like it
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