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    Check this out...

    With motion technology, these devices would take a quantum leap in usability. I hope Palm is looking closely into this technology.
    11+ yrs w/ a Palm: It's come a long way!
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    I'm still not sold on gestures for interfaces like this... I want to *see* the screen and that's tough to do when I'm shaking the darn thing.
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    Frankly speaking, I don't know what is the practical use of the motion control. I found that it is good for navigation, similar to HTC Touch. But how often are we using the navigation function compare to other functions in a PDA. I know a lot of friend who bought Touch because of the what-so called touch technology. I found that most of the them using the default WM screen.

    My children have SE cellphones, it has the motion control to jump to next track when playing music. They told me it is fun to show the friends the features but they seldom use it. After using it for 2 weeks, they don't even bother to show people.

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