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    I'm a longtime Palm OS Treo user and currently have the 755p on Sprint. I really love it and wouldn't normally switch to anything else, but I got a new job and have to get a PDA that is either a Blackberry or uses Windows Mobile. I could keep my 755p and have a work phone and a personal phone, but I don't want to do that, so I'm going to have to make a change.

    After looking at the phones that are available, the two that are most appealing to me are the Blackberry Curve and the Treo 750. (The service will be with AT&T.)

    I'd love to get opinions as to which one I should get given my history with Palm OS Treos. At first, I thought I'd just go for the 750, but even though there are some advantages in terms of familiarity of the hardware, I'm still screwed as far as all of the Palm OS software I have, and I haven't heard great things about Win Mobile, especially version 5. (Anyone know if there are plans to upgrade the 750 to version 6?)

    And, as much as I hate to admit it, Blackberry seems to have won the war with Palm. The Blackberries used to be a joke compared to the Treos (except for email access) and now the Curve looks like a Treo and by all accounts is much more reliable. So, I'm leaning towards the Blackberry at this point. About the only knock against it that I've heard is that it doesn't feel as comfortable when using it as a phone, but I always use a headset, anyway.
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    The 750 comes pre-loaded with WM6. If you're picking up an older one that has WM5 on it, you can download WM6 off of Palm's website. I looked at both, and in the end - I liked the 750 better. My recommendation would be to find a corporate store (they have working phones on display vice mockups) and play with both. Then decide.
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    Treo > Blackberry

    Unless like most users you are not tech savvy.

    With a BB you get what they tell ya. With the Treo, you can customize your device to do damn near anything you want to with it.

    The comparison is not even close.
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    I recently got 2 BB devices (one with WiFi and one with GPS) and was using the Curve 8820 in few trips to overseas together with my Treo 750.

    Here is my experience.

    1. I did not receive any emails from my BB for one whole day (one afternoon and the next whole morning). I called the telco and tried a few methods, like turned off the wireless, took out the battery but still could not fix it. It was recovered itself afterward. Service provider was still not able to explain the reason. Our company netadmin confirmed the BB server was working fine. BUT I was able to receive the email from my Treo. It is using the same service provider as my BB.

    2. The telco has the call back feature when I called home in overseas. It was sending a string "*131*country code+phone number+#" then the phone will ring. I was not able to figure out how to make this kind of call by using BB.

    3. I receive around 200 network related emails to inform me the status of some network jobs, such as backup status etc. The BB can only show half of the subject, as a result, I need to open all the messages in order to read the status.

    4. I need to press 4 buttons to delete one message in BB, which is Menu then "D" then "Enter" then "Enter" again. For my WM6 Treo I only need "Delete" and "OK".

    5. If I want to delete multiple messages not continuously, I can't do it in BB. I can only select emails in one block then delete it. If in-between, I have another email, such as the sent mail (very common as inbox and sent items are in one place) or other email , I have to do it 2 times.

    6. Sometimes, when I delete emails from Outlook immediately after receiving it. The message is still keeping in BB but not WM Treo. "Reconcile Now" does not help.

    7. All emails, Inbox and Sent Items are in one place. It is very diffcult to read as most of the time I only read inbox and delete the useless messages.

    8. In term of the mail format, I need to read very carefully in order to know who are the reciptents. The mail format in WM is more easy to read because of different background color.

    9. Since a lot of software are available in WM but not in BB. If I need to use it, I need to carry two devices.

    10. For editing a message, if I make any mistakes, it is a pain to do the editing in BB. When I move the scroll ball to fast, it misses it and need to redo again. Typo is very common in a small device. I think this is very important. (Maybe I am not familiar with the scroll ball...)

    I am not saying BB is bad. At least the form factor and the battery life are excellent. Besides, some other PDA features, such as Calendar and Task. BB is not as good as POS and WM. I really hope that a WM device with the same form factor and battery life as BB with a touch screen.

    Disclaimer: Everyone has their own preference. This is only my own experience. It does not mean whether BB is bad or WM is good.
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    I appreciate the feedback. I was tempted to go over to the dark side, but I came to my senses and have a 750 on order.
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    try one out for yourself. all of my Blackberry devices have worked just fine and during my last trip into Mexico I had no problem receiving data and placing/receiving calls. seemless. oh, and a lot less big and bulky.

    in my opinion it's worth a try.

    take care
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    As I traveled down the dark path with my Blackjack II, I got my wife the BB Curve and after tinkering with the Curve...I likey a lot, and I think the BB Curve works great as a phone though some others say BB fails in that realm. The Curve may not be for a techy and have tweaking capabilities but it does the basic PDA functions almost flawlessly and gets the job done for those who use it for what its intended. A business man or women needs a reliable tool to make his or her money...not a tool to play with.
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    I did go for the 750. Just got it today. My initial reaction is that I want to switch back to the Palm OS and Chattermail! It is going to take some time, but I'm going to try to make the best of it.
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    Is it possible to setup your 755p for e-mail/calendar/contacts via Exchange ActiveSync (ie - via Versamail)?

    Typically, most IT houses force the Exchange/BB because they use Exchange, but if you can get it that way....try it first. Why change when you really don't have to?
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    Yes VersaMail on the 755p can do direct EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) push, security, all that. Most folks don't know that, but you bet - it will.

    But back to Sparky - I really ended up much preferring WinMo to Palm OS (and I'd been a HUGE Palm OS fanboy - as in, 10 years of using it). I don't know that WInMo is <perfect>, but I like it very much overall. I would say to give it time, understand the fundamental differences (getting the Start Menu button and OK buttons down is critical - and I really like how apps can stack on top of each other, and you can 'go back' to an app, etc - may sound a little clunky in theory, but in practice - I like how I can be in email, looking at a message, then Start Menu/Calendar to check something there, and maybe Start/Internet Explorer (and use the keyboard letter shortcuts for all those) to check maybe a flight schedule or something, and then 'OK' button back one step to Calendar, and then 'OK' again back to email.

    I think that's a very logical way to use a device like this, and that's not possible in Palm OS since it's not multi-tasking. Yes it's easy to go FROM app TO app, but you're leaving one and going to the other. They don't stack (which some would say is a good thing) but I like the forward/back approach with WinMo.

    Just try and not force your usability definitions from your Palm OS days onto the 750 and you should be good.
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    I have been on both devices. Back to treo 680 +chatter
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    GFONG - FWIW, my comments on your points:
    2. Haven't tried it myself, but would expect this would be possible as it's not much different than calling a conf call number and automatically supplying the passcode (something my 700p can't do without 3rd party sw)
    3. I'm assuming you have multiline header display on your 750 so you can see the full subject line at the cost of fewer emails/screen. On the BB you could hide the time and sender to use the full width for the subject line, but granted that's not a good alternative.
    4. You can delete an email by pressing the backspace/del key. Delete confirmation can be turned off making it a one key press operation.
    5. You can hide display of sent email in Messages->Options. The p key is supposed to show the previous email in a thread, but sometimes I can't really figure out what it considers a thread. I'd prefer it was just the previous email (in time) to the one I'm reading.
    6. Used to have strange things like that but updating to the latest OS has resolved them all now. BTW, the upgrade process was infinitely easier and more reliable than my past POS upgrades.
    7. See #5

    Neither my 700p or Curve is perfect but I've been able to find a replacement for all of the 3rd party POS apps I had installed which makes the Curve a better fit for my needs. Once it comes to Sprint, I'll sadly leave my 700p and Palm history behind.
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