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    Sorry if I said that kind of muddled. I meant I couldn't hear my Prism from the EB Slipper case I keep it in. (I guess the leather muffles the alarm(?) because I always hear it when it's OUT of the case)

    I'm still waiting to find a good case for my CLIE.
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    The Case Sony is coming out with looks hot.
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    Yes, but where's the belt clip? Without a belt clip, it's not a good case...
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    Well, I am now fully converted. I sold my Prism this week and am now using the Clie 100%.... But I still have my backup module and my Thinmodem for the time when I get another Handspring device. Or I could just sell those separately too!
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    Originally posted by mikedemo
    The Case Sony is coming out with looks hot.
    $50 for a case without a belt clip, which doesn't even cover the sides? Compare that to what Vaja sells their deluxe cases for.

    Think I'll wait for E&B to come out with their slipper case (and then see if Rhodiana decides to make one sometime in the future.)

    (That is, if (har har har! I kill myself...) I buy a Clie...)
    Jeff Meyer

    "And he died like he lived: with his mouth wide open."
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    I made the switch too. I'm really liking the high res screen and especially the fact that I can read the Clie in the daylight. For as bright as the Prism screen was it was worthless in sunlight-not just outside but near windows, and in the car. Mapquest directions are useless if you can't read them!
    I am also loving the mp3 capability and am already contemplating a 128MB MemStick. I just ordered the Stowaway for Clie on Amazon so I am actually more functional now than I was with the Prism.
    When you figure a Prism for $400, mp3 player for +/-$200 and 8MB module for +/- $100 then the $500 price tag for a Clie (with these things included) doesn't look too bad...
    Just my .02
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    welcome aboard
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    Just wondering

    How much would a 128 mb memory stick cost?

    Oh, like.

    $259.95 for Sony's MSG-128A MagicGate™ Memory Stick® Digital Data.
    Gee that's high.
    Spending 500 plus 259.95. Wow! You get in the big bucks. Even getting a smaller storage memory will still cost you a pretty penny.

    Wow! must be nice to have a Mp3 player and only get to listen to 3 songs. Or you have buy a real expensive memory stick.

    I'll stick with my Prism
    Until something way better comes out.
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    I would gladly move to the Clie, if only there was a "wireless" solution for it. I'm a previous user of a Palm VII, then a Palm VIIx, now a Visor Prism with a VisorPhone. I LOVE the VisorPhone!!

    If Sony made a phone stick for the Clie, I'd buy it in a min (as long as it accepted my SIM Card from my VisorPhone). My only other option is to "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT" for Handspring to come out with a device that's slim (Like the Edge, although slightly thicker for the springboard to fit without the big adapter thinggy) and has a screen that can be viewed outdoors. This is the ONE THING that bugs me with the Prism.

    I do get "Out" from time to time, I'm not always behind this durn keyboard. And when I do, it would sure be nice to be able to read the display of the Prism. I find myself always having to hunt for shade when someone asks me for a phone number while outside. It's truly embarassing...

    Essentially what I'm "Trying" to say. Unless there is a display/device that is visible in the (direct) daylight and allows wireless internet and tele (VisorPhone/GSM-type access), then I'll be sticking with the Prism. Otherwise, count me in as a Sony Wanna Be. I saw one at Best Buy recently and it Kicks (HS's) ****!!!

    I am a stock holder of both Palm and HS (and crying too HS make me proud, please!!!!
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    Originally posted by cwestergard
    When you figure a Prism for $400, mp3 player for +/-$200 and 8MB module for +/- $100 then the $500 price tag for a Clie (with these things included) doesn't look too bad.
    Make that $400 for the Prism and $150 for the SoundsGood MP3 player. I can't imagine anyone buying the 8MB Flash module at this point. The cost per megabyte is even higher than the Memory Stick. Better to get a MemPlug for $50 with PiDirect (cost unknown at the moment), and a corresponding 128MB SM or CF card (lowest prices to date $107 and $74 respectively). At $260 for a 128MB Memory Stick, a fully decked-out Prism weighs in at ~$40 less.

    Some things that would make me switch:
    • An expansion technology that accomodates other expansion technologies, like the Springboard slot
    • 16-bit color (on the way, I'm told)
    • WordSmith support for 320 x 320 (on the way, I'm sure)
    • Cheaper cost-per-megabyte on the Memory Stick ($2, compared to $.84 for SM or $.58 for CF)
    • A fully range of third party accessories
    • Some wireless solution -- the more, the merrier

    Within six months, much of this wish list will be fulfilled.
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    I know there are critics of the MemorySticks, but they will be getting cheaper because of third party companies now producing them as well. I think VFS file sytem is great and Handspring should start using it IMHO.

    The wireless solution is coming very soon. The CLie N710C comes with a demo (just text with a nice background) stating that Sony Wireless is coming soon. Maybe they are coming up with a service/package like AOL but for the Clie and maybe other PDAs? And the phone I'm sure would be easy to do.
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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