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    Hi- I am hoping you guys have an opinion on which operating system is better off- I recently bought a (sprint)blackberry pearl- yeah its cute and has some benefits but I was hoping for more than an email machine- I can't stream audio at all. So I'm selling it off and wondering which I should go for palm treos- 700wx or 755p- the windows seems to be buggy but does it have more available apps? -- I really am looking to be able to stream audio and realplayer and of course internet--- how does the palm browser stand up to the windows version?? Or any other options- I've read tons of reviews and am no wiser any info would be great--- thanx
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    You'll get all kinds of opinions but I prefer the Palm OS vs Windows Mobile.

    Your best bet is to go to the store and play with both. Pick one use the hell out of it for the 30 day trial and if you don't like it exchange it for the other.
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    i'm just direct buying the phones online- so no snazzy 30 day trial-- I'm hearing the 755p may be better for extras and goodies than the 700wx windows-- maybe i'll try it first-- i think its the first run of windows on palm? as far as I understand -so maybe it'll be the better option in a year or two......thanxx

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