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    Hi all,

    I'm contemplating getting the Xplore M98. I just had a few questions for the people @ treocentral that might happen to own one already.

    I know the device has a transflash expansion slot, does it support the maximum 2gb card that the PalmOS theorectically would support?

    How stable is the built-in software?

    What's the quality of the camera's photos?

    How is the colour of the face-plating the same as the air-brushed photo here? I only ask because various photos of the devices seem to have lighter or differing shades of the orange and grey devices (I'm torn between which of those two to get, hehe)

    How's the reception/call quality/speaker quality?

    Most important of all, I've heard the battery is crappy. If I has a full charge, would I be able to get say 4hour of mp3 music and maybe 2-4 standby hours?

    Sorry if it's a lot of questions, but I've looked all over and could find answers to the questions about.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help shed some light of my questions

    EDIT: I got the answers from someone at 1src, please ignore this thread, lol
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