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    While I have owned and loved palm for some time I have always been a ver surface user. I did not need to use it for much so i did not...things change.
    I am currently in a situation where I use Outlook to check various email accounts and use palm for calender and contacts. I do this across at least 4 laptops two macs and two PC's. I desperatley want to be able to check email(three seperate account ) add contacts and schedule items across all 4 devices and my 650. I do not care so much about receiving or sending email from my 650. I just need to be able to have one unified database that is integrated or at leasrt friendly with my email.
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    VersaMail works independently of Outlook going directly to the server and pulling the data, or having it pushed if EAS account. By that means no matter which PIM account you use, your email will still come. Good luck with it.

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