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    This is kinda a weird question but hey im curious... Ok so i lost my sprint 650p so i called up and paid my $50 to insurance.. Now i should have asked when i talked to them what they were sending me, but other things were going on and i simply forgot.. So yesterday in the mail a brand new sealed in the box treo755p showed up.. Now this is a nice phone but i had a HTC Mogul demo(demoed for work) for the last 2 weeks and i really want one of those. Think sprint would let me exchange the 755p for a Mogul? On the 755p is $30 more the the Mogul, so price shouldnt be a issue. Any1 got any ideas, i dont want to take this phone out of the box, thanks for your input

    sorry if this is the wrong place for a question like this... wasnt sure where to ask it
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    take a shot and head into a sprint store or call customer service. just don't use the phone so that it's new and see what they'll do. Never hurts to ask. Or you can sell it on ebay/craigslist and then buy the mogul through sprint.
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    sprint told me to go pound sand!
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    not surprising - sell it and buy a Mogul.
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    I hate to say this, but if you've had a 650 for awhile, you are not going to like the Mogul after awhile. The one handed operation of the Treo spoiled me. I had a Mogul for a few weeks. I absolutely loved the WM operating system, but the phone itself was impossible for me to use after using a treo for so long. In a few weeks to a few months (hopefully May 19th) , Sprint is coming out with the 800w with wifi, Rev A & GPS, and you'll really have the best of both worlds. Seriously, if you buy a Mogul, keep the 755 until your sure which one you want to sell.

    Here's my review of the Mogul:
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