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    my first phone was treo 600 and loved the Palm OS until 700 series then i got WM treo 700wx and loved it even more...but over time one thing i found on windows is the annoyance of having to add on tons of after market things to do the same thing...they both have their ups and in point I now have the touch since launch love it but most of all i DO miss the physical full keyboard from the palm phones...since sprint has a crappy line up I'm wondering what else is there that i can really go to at this the centro worth it? in terms of going back to POS? cause it would still give sprint tv built in threaded sms, unlimited call log, these little things to me make a big difference..the OS doesn't crash as much or inst as buggy. granted you cannot customize and add any apps like you can on windows...what other options are there to have a windows phone in a compact format with a full qwerty keyboard AND touchscreen....? unless there is something coming that I don't know know about....any suggestions? again this is just a thought but i cant stand not having the keyboard...iv dealt with it and do on a daily basis but if i had the choice, given all the greatness of this touch i would go back to a keyboard touchscreen any day....what are some peoples thoughts....BY THE WAY HATE THAT YOU CANNOT GET A HUGE CALLER ID PIC on WM like you do on POS, whats the point then? and the biggest thing i noticed on windows is that it is just SIMPLY TOO SLOW in doing tasks...people can call POS a dinosour and what not but the thing was super fast and for a user who does email text and doesnt tweak way too much it is still an awesome option and im going back and fourth on if I should way for the centro windows version or just get the current centro cause I cant stand not having a Kb
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    Treo 750.

    Palm bells and whistles, full keyboard, Palm style form factor, but with Windows Mobile.

    Hands down the best phone I've ever owned.
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    Probably should be patient for the 800w and then make your decision.
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    I had both palm and windows left my windows 750 and went with centro and love the centro find it to be the best palm I ever had very stable . only thing I miss on the centro is multi tasking. Otherwise I have not looked back.

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