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    im Phil. Im new to these forums, just joined actually.
    I am a verizon treo 700wx user.
    love my treo. I tried calling verizon a few times to see if there was an update to the wx for wm6..
    they tell me two different stories, there is a rumored upgrade to wm6 for the treo 700wx and that there isnt..

    I also called to ask when their next generation palm pdas are coming out, verizon that is, and they said the next gen palm was just released...the told me that palms next gen treo for verizon is the treo 755p..

    does anyone know if this is accurate?

    I love my treo, just wish i had wifi, but its not THAT important considering i have evdo..

    Ive also noticed that while i like wm5, its definately got its querks.

    so i guess my two questions are..if anyone knows, id appreciate it a lot!
    1. is there a wm6 upgrade supposed to be avail for the treo 700wx
    and 2. is the 755p, the next gen pda from palm for verizon?

    seems so..
    also seems that while wm5/6 is a nice os, the treos run best with the palm..

    any insight would be appreciated as im new to these pdas!

    thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by pnico View Post
    2. is the 755p, the next gen pda from palm for verizon?
    yes the 755p is available from Verizon

    Sorry, don't have any info about WM6 upgrade for 700wx

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