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    TomTom has a lousy, out of date and sparse yellowpage directory - even when a new map has been released. And traffic information costs a subscription. Google Earth has much better up to date business records, and free traffic info. But google earth is nowhere near as good as TomTom for realtime navigation.

    So the question is, how can one leverage both? Suppose Google Earth finds a nearby business. Jotting down the address, then going through 6 different tomtom pages to get it entered is a pain. Has anyone experimented with starting in google maps to get a location for a business, and then found a way to boot TomTom passing that location in?

    It would also be quite useful to have Google Maps come up with the best route through heavy traffic, and convert that series of waypoints into a TomTom itinerary.

    Are there any conduits out there to handle this?
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    Haven't tried it myself yet, but recently found an old post by Wilsonb that mentioned a program called Tyre (Trace Your Route Everywhere) that lets you use TomTom with Google maps or Google Earth.

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    I also found something neat. Aperantly you can use TomTom with Google maps.;

    Let me know if you get that working also..
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