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    Looking for some advice for a Smartphone compatible with the Verizon Wireless Network that ALSO supports Goodlink mobile.

    I had a Treo 700P that took a dive last week. Initially I loved the unit, but then ran into 2 issues:

    1. Could no longer charge, unless manipulating the charger in the recepticle until it would finally make contact and charge. I thought this was due to a worn charger, but I replaced with a new treo oem charger and still the same thing after 1 week. With massive use, the charging contacts are prone to wear and breakdown. (more so on the treo port than others in my opinion).

    2. Lock-up (PALM) circle became a weekly occurance. Did a hard re-set, etc. and still same deal.

    I have nothing against Palm per se', but I had the other unit 1.5 years and can't see replacing with basically the same unit as other smart phones have progressed. I know this is probably more of a Verizon Wireless issue (dragging their heels) than, Palm, but nonetheless, for work I am mandated to VzW and goodlink service.

    Anyone know if the Voyager (6800) is good supported? (not on their website). Also, how's the QM?

    Thanks for feedback.
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    What about the VZW SMT 5800. WM6 Standard phone(i.e. no touch screen), comes with a full keyboard, and a front facing number board. If I am not mistaken WM supports goodlink so you should be fine there.
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    The donkeypunch....
    The infamous, notorious and ever fearsome..... donkeypunch.

    hilarious !
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    The donkeypunch....
    The infamous, notorious and ever fearsome..... donkeypunch. hilarious!
    Should be the name of the new palm handheld.
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    woops! double post. sorry.
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    There is also the business edition of the Q9M for VZW. It called the Q9C or Q9B. Same phone, except it does not have that ugly red ring interface as an option, and I think no V-cast support.

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