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    We Winter in Florida and need a cheap phone system (monthly charge) than can handle a few calls in & out each month.

    Our Michigan home has an intermediate "Freeze Alarm" that will call us if power goes out or indoor temperature drops below a setpoint (45 deg). We can also call the house and it will tell us the current temperatue (typ. 55 deg). We need this for 6 months a year. We pay $30+ per month ($360/year+) for a land line plan stripped down w/no long distance, etc... The Freeze Alarm requires a RJ-11 jack to operate.

    Does anyone know a cheap wireless solution?

    Maybe a prepaid cheap cell phone. Net searchs have yielded zip as RJ-11 has to many hits. Please include URL for solutions found.

    Thanks, FastFrank
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    The PhoneLabs Dock-n-Talk will probably do what you want but at $140 - $160 it may take a while to pay for itself.
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    TMobiile prepaid, 10 cents a miinute. However your landline company can most likely dispend/freeze your account for cheaper price.

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