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    Somebody once asked me what model of Blackberry I had... I tried to explain that it was a Treo, but they looked at me weird.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phrogpilot73 View Post
    Somebody once asked me what model of Blackberry I had... I tried to explain that it was a Treo, but they looked at me weird.'s the Treo...the design and concept that Blackberry copied...
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    Quote Originally Posted by zeze22 View Post
    OK, I ended my starf*c*er relationshiop with the iphone and am well over the honeymoon period.

    After being offended with AT&T's cs, I am back with Palm (755p) and Sprint. I ate the $175 fee to be rid of them.

    I have owned the Q9c, the Centro and the 755p and spent considerable time with Mogul.

    I also owned the Blackberry 8830 for a few days, and cannot believe that the complaints are that PALM is the antiquated system.....
    Back to the OP...

    I tried the Mogual as well...nice concept except it suffers from feature-itis an button-itis. It seemed as though too many 'Legos' stuck together.

    I had a chance to use a BB Curve for a day. I liked it and though it was the best consumer-centric offering from RIM to date. However, I found myself constantly trying to bang the screen with my finger to access the icons. The other thing that annoyed me was the lag between applications and such. When my 700p is working, it's performance seemed quicker.

    I'll give it to BB for a polished UI compared to Garnett but for simplicity and ease of use I still like the 700p more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyMac View Post
    but most people don't walk into a carrier retail store and declare -'hey, I want to edit Excel spreadsheets on a handheld!' - no one THINKS they need that functionality).
    i wonder if those people that do only edit a single cell as opposed to a 2000 row spreadsheet. the real biz user probably waits til he/she is back behind their laptop or desktop for that matter.
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    I update a simple spreadsheet on my 700WX 3-5 times every day. Often don't have my laptop nearby and wouldn't want to wait 5 minutes for it to boot up even if it was. Then when I do get the laptop booted up and do ActiveSync, the updated spreadsheet is sittting there on the desktop if I want to do some complicated formatting.

    On a BB, the real biz user probably jots down his information on a piece of paper then enters in at his desktop.

    It's the Treo for me!!
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    One of the main reasons that I like the Treo 700WX is the fact that it suggests words as you type saving me lots of typing strokes on the keyboard. I have it set to suggest 2 words after I type 3 letters. On the BB, all models except the Pearl and 7130 models that have SureType require you to type the complete word. Sure the Autotext will correct the mistakes but that is not the same.

    BBs do have a lot of good shortcuts but Word suggestion is one of the main reasons that I've stuck with the Treo 700WX. I've tried typing on the Suretype of the Pearl but don't think it is as good as the Treo.

    In all the comparisons of BB and Treo, I haven't seen this point mentioned as a reason. BB users must enjoy typing a lot.
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    Love the Word Complete!

    I still have a Palm OS device and every now and then I fire it up just to see what it was like. Man o man I gotta have my word complete. So awesome.
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