Itís been almost two weeks since I activated my Mogul with Sprint. I had said I would review what I like and dislike about having this phone. I might preface this by saying that I had never really used Windows Mobile before, but have always loved how it looked, and the thought of having wifi, a larger screen and keyboard than the Palm 755 seemed perfect. I couldnít wait to set it up.

I quickly learned what people meant by ďtweakingĒ, but it was amazing to me how easy it was to figure out WM, and the tweaking came pretty easy. Went to a Sprint store and they moved all my contacts and calendar items over to the Mogul which saved me a lot of time. I found out the first night I had the phone that Sprint had already had a ROM update release that was newer than the one on the phone, so I went and updated it without having any backup programs other than syncing to the computer. That didnít help with settings so I had to pretty much start new. It was easy to do, as WM is very user friendly. The first program I did download was Sprite Backup so I could backup everything to the card and restore should anything else happen.

I really canít tell much difference in the internet speed when using wifi as Iím in an EVDO area, and even when I am using the wifi, most times it will say it is connecting to Sprint #777 anyway. Pocket Internet Explorer is okay, but donít like that it doesnít have controls to stop it from loading when you start it up or go to a web page. I then downloaded Opera Mobile. WOW, what a great program. It opens tabs like IE-7 and is much more user friendly than IE Mobile. Opera Mobile doesnít work with but IE does.

I am quite anal, so I like to know that when I close a program, itís closed and not lurking there in the background taking up memory. I was always going to settings/memory/running programs and ending all these things that shouldíve stopped when I hit the ĎXí but just minimized instead. I was told to download a program called Task Manager for that, and it works like a charm. Any program I ĎXdí out were actually closed.

The next thing that bothered me was having the flashing green light on the phone. I used to use Butler on my Treo 650 to stop that and the 755 doesnít do it. WM has a program called LED_Killer that pretty much did the trick. I have to install it almost everyday to keep it working, but I donít mind as WM and the CAB files are very easy to install. In fact, everything is very easy to install. I love the windows file explorer and also how easy it is to remove and reinstall the MicroSD card.

The best thing I found though was posted on the treocentral board. Someone mentioned that there is a program that runs Palm OS programs on WM. It is called StyleTap and it was a lifesaver because I was missing some of my Palm programs bad. I installed it, and switched over some programs. Some worked, some wouldnít, but the important ones did. I am able to have Flight Tracker, Directory Assistance (won't copy & paste), Mortgage calculator and more running on the Mogul. Now itís the best of both worlds.

Another great program that anyone with a Mogul should have is the HTC Streaming Media Player for This is a free program that allows for Ė streaming media, of course.

I learned about, and that helped because the only downfall that WM had for me was all the programs that I am going to have to buy to make up for the ones I gave up on the Palm, but absolutely had to have. I figure I am going to spend well over $200 on these programs once the trial periods are over as most are not free, but have to be purchased. Not unrealistic, as I did purchase most of my Palm programs too, just that they were already bought and paid for.

Now, as you might be able to tell, the operating system is great in this review, the Mogul is another story. I do love the Mogulís feel and looks, but it seems impossible for me to ever get used to using easily and doing so with one hand is completely out of the question. I like that it has so many programmable hard keys. But that also creates a problem. Itís hard to pick up the phone without hitting one and it seems Iím always picking up the phone and itís upside down. The phone looks pretty much the same either way.

One of the biggest obstacle I need to get used to is the stylus coming out of the bottom. Sometimes it will come out but doesnít expand so itís really tiny and then you have to use the other hand to expand it. At least if youíre using the Mogul without the keyboard slid out, the stylus is on the right side, which is nice because Iím right handed. But, if I have to get the stylus out when the keyboard is slid open, itís very difficult for me because itís then on the left side. I have to slide it out, then change hands with it while trying to hold the phone too. Not easy when you're driving, as is trying to type on the keyboard while holding the stylus. Then there is the one button for waking the phone up. The button is the smallest of all the buttons on the phone and very difficult to find when youíre always picking the phone up upside down. I donít know why any button canít wake up the phone or even sliding the keypad out. Making a quick call isnít easy this way. The dial pad on the slide out keyboard is very hard to read in low light situations. Dialing from contacts isnít easy without sliding out the keyboard to start typing in letters, and the voice dial almost never got the correct person. Answering a call is really just as difficult. The phone will ring, and the call screen at the bottom of the today screen is barely noticeable. Oh, and I canít get a ring thatís really loud enough. I do like that you can use any song on your MiniSD card as a ringer. I donít know why the Mogul couldnít have a small qwerty keyboard at the bottom where the phone and end buttons are, and put those on the top. It would fit, and make this a much more one handed phone.

Can you tell that Iím just not comfortable with the Mogul that much? Please donít get me wrong, this has nothing to do with WM. In fact, I love WM and think that in the Treo body it would be the perfect phone. When the Treo 800 comes out, I will be among the first to buy it. If Sprint had the 750 with WM6, I would get it. I donít like the 700wx body after having a 755. Wouldnít go back to the antenna. I do need true one handed operation as I use this just too much while driving. The Mogul is an accident just waiting to happen that way. I have a Centro that I traded my 755 to someone on the boards. I figured he wanted one, and I had a new Mogul. Well, I think Iíll probably go back to the Centro even though I will miss the screen size of this Mogul. I use my phone for business and I need to have it do what I want it to do, when I want it to do it, and most of all, with one hand. The Centro does all those things.

I want to again thank the Smartphone Round Robin for the contest, and, in winning, allowing me the opportunity to find out that WM is going to be the best operating system for me, and I canít wait for one to come to Sprint that meets my needs (touch screen is part of that need).