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    sorry for cross-posting, i originally put this in the 755p forum by accident, i wanted it here.

    I'm on att/cingular and my old 650 is getting pretty beat up. The headphone jack no longer works right, can't sync with the USB cable, etc. It's time.

    So I figured I'd just go to the 750, there's a rebate, etc. But on the reviews aren't very good. There are other and better smartphones - I was looking at the iPhone, Moto Q, some others. I really like Treo though so I'd hate to move away. I don't know when the 755 will be available for att/cingular. I'd think about switching to verizon but their reception isn't great where i live. any idea when the 755 will become available and does it fix some of the 750 problems? is there a standard headset jack so i don't need that stupid adapter?

    it also seems like the palm os is not as available compared to the windows os based models, is it going away?

    i want good mp3 capacity/sound since I use it as an mp3 player also extensively, need good sync with Outlook for calendar/contact/notes (many phones only do the prior two and not notes). I also would like sync with Lotus Notes for work. camera is optional.

    any answers/advice/ideas appreciated, thanks.

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    If you use it for email also I would suggest taking a look at a BlackBerry. I shifted over ~ a month ago and have had good success with the Treo withdrawal. It will depend upon what you need and which applications you use and need. Most carriers offer a 30-day test run so you really have nothing to loose what ever you choose. Good luck!
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    If PalmOS has served you well, as it has me, you might want to give the Treo 755p a whirl. In my opinion, the 755 is the BEST PalmOS Treo to date (and I've had them all since the 270).

    Mine rarely resets (once a month, if that) and is fast when switching applications.

    Just my 2
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    I'm in the exact same situation. My 650 died on me and I have to choose between the centro and the 755. I like the bigger kb, screen and batt. life and overall feel of the 755 the best, but I've heard that the centro has everything the 755 is and faster. Unfortunately though it supposedly suffers from a weaker battery life, cramped keyboard (which I'm trying to evaluate), and a smaller screen.

    I'm in a tough spot. I want to like the centro, but the 755 feels perfect to me when typing and holding in the hand.


    can 755/centro owners shed some light on which might be the best way to go here? It would be greatly appreciated!
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    I moved on from the Treo 650 to a WM phone and haven't looked back at that tired Palm OS. The Treo 750 is my favorite smartphone to date, and I've had mots of what AT&T has to offer (8125, SMT5600, Blackjack, 8525, Tilt, BB Curve).
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    tired palm

    Give it a rest. It works. It's simple. And still offers more than most people need in apps vs the competition right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    tired palm

    Give it a rest. It works. It's simple. And still offers more than most people need in apps vs the competition right now.
    Yea, I guess the lack of GSM 3G, multitasking, GPS, and wifi capability makes it a competitive smartphone OS these days.
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    You don't quite get it
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    Att won't be getting the 755p I thought.
    Verizon will have it in stores on the 7th.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    You don't quite get it
    I think we get it really well....

    Palm OS is simple, straightforward, lacks multi-tasking and is UNSTABLE. I had more headaches with the 650 and 680! If you're happy with Palm OS, great. Move to another Palm OS device.

    If don't want to worry about resets, the Blackberry is probably the ticket and if a reset every once in a while doesn't bother you, a WM6 device will fit the bill.
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    Will/Do you have to pay extra charges for a BB plan AND a data plan for push email??? How do you think the native BB PIM apps compare to POS and WM? Do you like a wide varitey of third party apps? How far do you like to customize your device? Is a reset a month way too much for you to stand? Is Outlook sync imprtant to you? With an unlimited data plan and decent coverage is wifi really a necessity? Do you already have a dedicated GPS device or would googlemaps work?

    These questions lead me to continue to choose POS (Sprint 755 to be specific) over others upon answering the above. WM is my second choice. Naturally, you mileage may vary. Personally, I'm more a function over form kinda guy. POS is WAAY old, but so are some cars we call classics. If fashion is your thing, and you are on ATT, go iPhone. Otherwise, if I'm in your shoes, I'd pick a 750, or wait for the 800 if you can.
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    My 650 got ripped off last November while traveling in Germany. I went with AT&T Tilt. And glad I did. Very good user support at..

    good luck with whatever device you choose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    You don't quite get it
    No I get that you're touting that POS is simple. But an OS can be simple yet have modern features. POS supporters make up every excuse in the book to defend their OS for some reason - its NOT the be all end all, it's more of a joke now in 2008 BECAUSE of those limitations. NO possibility of GPS, wifi, HSDPA? I don't care if you think you don't need those things because the fact remains that these are becoming the STANDARD in phones now, particularly these smartphones.
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    POS is no joke. Extremely dated, yes. Polyester twill and 8 track, yes. Gasping for it's final breath, yes. Certianly, POS has it's limitations, and certianly it's on it's last legs, but arguably it's still completely functional and still viable in the current smartphone market.

    I'm not so sure I'd commit to another two years of contract based on a POS Garnet device, but POS will definatly today, and for a few years more, fullfill 85% (just my guess) the needs of most smartphone users. (Push email, office document editing, GPS w/ tomtom and Garmin, and a bunch of third party software, etc...)

    I certianly agree POS is not sexy and is getting streched quite thin, but as of Jan 08 it still can get it up quite sportingly with no need for viagra.

    Obviously, YMMV based upon your needs and wants out of a smartphone.

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