When looking at the specs for the new Sony Clie PEG-N710C, and looking at the specs for the older Clie PEG-S300 in the Gadgeteer's review (and also in various on-line sites that carry the old Clie), it looks to me that the new Clie is almost 1" shorter than the older S300 model.

All the specs for the Old S300 model are 2.875 in x 0.625 in x 4.625 (in WxDxH). The new Clie on the Sony page is specified at 2 7/8" x 11/16" x 3 3/4".

While width and depth changes are negligable (well, depth isn't quite negligable), the change is height is.

The reason I'm concerned about this: Vaja and Rhinoskin currently have a couple cases for the older Clie model. Given the dimension changes, I assume these won't fit the new Clies.

Anyone know for sure?