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    With all the deep discounts going on, what is the absolute killer deal for a Series III(x)e form factor handheld? (i.e. Handspring Basic/Deluxe, Palm III(x)e, TRGPro, etc.)

    Have a friend who is looking to join the palm-os family, but can't spend a lot of bucks. Prefer new, consider used or refurbed. Post to this forum, so everyone can share the knowledge.

    What I've got for the baseline is - priceline shows the Palm M100 (yuk!) for about $110.00.

    Palm has refurbished III's for 82.00 and VII's for 105.00.

    Whats the lowest price on a Visor?


    Tucson Sailors
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    I saw a Staples ad this past weekend that showed a Visor (2 mb version) for $95-$99 ( I don't remember which). That is the cheapest pricing I have ever seen (for NEW devices).

    I have read of offers in the past where people got Visor deluxes (8 meg) for $120 or so but that was back when Handspring had the $50 rebate offer (the $120 was using multiple offers including the rebate).

    Good luck in your search.

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