Okay, I finally made the "switch" to the Verizon 8830 several days ago from the 700P. I've been using the 700P for over a year, but the dying battery/short battery life eventually caught up with the device (I guess I could have just replaced the battery), plus a part of me was interested in trying out the BB to see what the hype was all about.

Some thoughts, in case anyone is interested, in no particular order

Favoring Blackberry 8830 (with enterprise e-mail access)

  • Choice for smaller font size lets you view more text...this was a very welcome change.
  • The Gmail app is substnatially better/faster on the BB than the 700P
  • Faster with switching from browser to e-mail, etc., less unexplained pauses.
  • Trackball is awesome for navigating through messages, Google Maps quickly
  • Lighter than the Treo 700P
  • Battery life much better than the 700P (even when the 700P was working properly with the Sedio battery with the extended life)

Favoring Treo 700P (with Goodlink (or Motorola Good))

  • Better synchronization of Outlook e-mail, with ability to move older messages (i.e. messages received prior to starting Good or BB service) to folders, and this is reflected on the device.
  • Better ability to navigate/move items to different folders with one handed keystrokes, i.e. I can archive a message from the inbox to a folder with two keyboard presses...this is a little clunky on the BB
  • After you move an item to a different folder, you're returned to the inbox, rather than staying with the message
  • Ability to see flags, such as replied or urgent or forwarded, next to the messages. This isn't clear on the BB.
  • Inbox is much cleaner on the Treo. I prefer Goodlink's philosophy rather than BB's philosophy of lumping everything in one area.
  • Narrower width of device allows easier one-handed operation
  • More third party applications, e.g. medical applications, than the BB. However, I mainly use my PDA for e-mail, checking my work schedule, than using these third party applications.

I'll also post this on the 700P forum.