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    Found my new toy at the front door just a few minutes ago after waiting at home all day they dropped it off without even ringing the bell. I turned it on after connecting to my computer and set it up. How fun. Getting used to this keyboard will take some time. I don't have service on it yet but do have internet. Either wifi or by connection to my computer, don't know or care just now, but love it. THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE, more later.
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    Hello back from my Sprint 700p.

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    Welcome to Windows Mobile!

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    Welcome to the forum. I had the same thing happen to me when my new phone got delivered. Where is the common courtesy?
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    "Vbho ye eh" - from a Moto Q9c.
    Have been playing with one for a few days now and i must say it's not bad at all. Think i might keep it. (Will keep my Treo 700Wx just in case).
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