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  • Yes - it would be great to have a Cross-Platform Forum

    12 85.71%
  • Nah - it's better to pose cross-platform questions in a device-specific forum

    2 14.29%
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    I was thinking it might be nice to keep the Round Robin Forum around for awhile, but rename it something like "Cross-Platform Chat"

    So rather than putting a "755p vs. 700wx" forum in the 755p thread, or "iPhone vs. Mogul" either at Phone different or WMExperts (thereby making them invisible to half the possible audience), we could put all the cross-platform questions, debates, smackdowns, etc in here.

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    I'm officially a fan of a cross-platform forum.
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    I like it. That way you're not moving stuff to alaska (or the iphone
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    Honestly, as long as the idea of a Round Robin can keep going every few months (for example each of the site owners take a month where they use another device for a week, or highlight a tech that they;ve used from another device for about a week; then do a yearly big robin like this one was); I would like to see this continue.
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    Sounds good to me!
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    Done and Done. New name and a big ol' description on the main forum listing.

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