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    I have used three different handhelds:

    My first, the IIIx, the screen felt solid and I never had a scratch without ever using a screen protector (owned for 6 months before it was stolen, the thief got it in like-new condition). Good contrast. I have no idea what it is made from.

    My current handheld is a visor deluxe. The first thing I noticed about the visor was the loose-soft feel of the top layer of the screen. Within two weeks I had deep scratches in the screen from the combo of the useless snap-on-cover, soft screen, and absolutly horrible stylus. The visor could not recognize 4 of 5 grafitti characters with the scratches in place. A screen protector fixed this and it still works 14+ months later, but the visor looks pretty battered. The visor deluxe screen and contrast is of the worst I have seen on a III or higher series palm.

    I bought an m100 for a friend's daughter. Her screen had good contrast and a gold rather than green tint. Even with the plastic screen, it felt more solid than the glass visor. I know of at least one really big drop to cement which it survived. The smaller screen/os 3.5 combo made the images look much sharper than the visor.

    In my opinion, all handhelds should have a plastic screen. If handspring wasn't so lazy and cheap, my visor screen wouldn't have looked a year old after two days. Judging by the design of the deluxe, glass must have been cheaper and easier than anything else or they would not have chosen it.
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    Well.. when my Edge screen cracked, it sure cracked like glass.
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