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    I'm considering an m500, and was wondering if anyone knows the difference between the Palm branded memory expansion card ($50) and a 16MB MMC card ($26). I know the Palm is SecureDigital, but I want to know what the difference means in terms of usage.

    I have a VDx with the 8MB expansion memory, and like how I can run programs from the module. How is this handled on the m500's, and are there differences between the two memory types?

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    Performance, performance, peformance. Palm branded memory is faster.

    Applications, databases or images would load a lot faster than stored on a generic MMC card. I played around with a M505 for a week and was driven crazy at times when trying to view large files (images) that where on the MMC card. Entirely to long of a pause for it to scan the card for all the images. And the more files I had stored on it. The longer the wait.

    If you get the M500/M505 and performance is an issue,I would suggest that you get the Palm branded memory.

    As far as the Secure part. Palm also is giving you the ability to lock the cards so nobody can access or copy your data off the card or save over it.
    It's all about how you spend the money.

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