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    Hey, thanks for the shout out on the power button fix. I sadly enough had just read your final thoughts on the Tilt. I have to admit, the Tilt does have a horrible out-of-box experience (and I have one) and I have "tweaked" mine to where I am extremely happy. It definitely is not a phone for the first time smartphone user, which is unfortunate since I obviously agree that WM is a very powerful platform.

    Again, don't get me wrong, I am a power WM user and will not be changing to any other OS. I just hope that one day, Microsoft will wake up and make the OS more user friendly, especially for first time users.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdaluver View Post
    Starrwulfe, I hope that your friend is enjoying his new Tilt! I don't blame you for staying with Sprint if you've got a great deal on their network. I don't think anyone can't beat their deals from what I've heard.
    Hey, don't mention it-- I'm actually eying their version of the HTC Touch-- Look ma, no buttons!

    ...guess I'll never be satisfied with my incurable gadget lust!
    ...This ain't a phone or a PDA, It's a way of life!
    for all your multimedia needs, it's gotta be Starrwulfe Ltd!
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    ...guess I'll never be satisfied with my incurable gadget lust!
    Hey me either! There is no cure and I wouldn't want one even if there was a cure! So let the drooling and lusting continue!
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