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    Sharp is working on a new PDA. It looks it will have some serious multimedia capabilities i.e.: mpeg4 playback. Anybody else heard about it?

    Hears a little info I've found on it.
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    It's been covered a bit at PDABuzz, and CNet has had some articles on it as well. Apparently, it will run a version of Linux.

    I'm interested in it, partly out of nostalgia - my first PDA was a Sharp, purchased in Japan back in '87 (I think) when I was a college student studying there in the summer - an early version of the Wizard.
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    Any ETA on it?
    Looks interesting....
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    It should be good competition for the Clie.
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    In terms of PDA, I think PDA Buzz said 3Q 2001. Maybe it was 4th quarter. I'm too lazy to go look. Given the fact that they just announced what flavor of Linux they plan on running, I doubt it will be terribly soon.

    It looks cool, and as I said earlier I have a soft spot for Sharp PDAs - I owned three different Wizards before I purchased my first Palm (a 1mb Professional), and I've still got the last one. But I'm not sure how interested I'll be in buying a new model. I can't imagine there will be much in the way of 3d party apps.
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    Originally posted by VTL
    I can't imagine there will be much in the way of 3d party apps.
    Maybe, maybe not. I can see linux developers taking off with it. They constitute a larger portion of computer users than usually given credit for.
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