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    I want a smartphone with a 320x320 screen, qwerty keyboard, wifi, BT 2 stereo, hspda, evdo rev A(B), at least 2 megapixel camera with xenon flash (LED), real standalone gps, the ability to edit MS docs, spreadsheets, view pp presentations and view pdf files, receive pop3 email, yahoo & gmail accounts, load mapping software and have GREAT reception - will this be available for Christmas? or early 2008? will the be a treo 800, motorola q2, or new htc touch cruise around the corner. This phone is what I'll own till it dies. It represents a sizeable investment for me. any thoughts or release date info for sprint??? thanks for your help!
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    There's nothing on Sprint so far even announced. The touch comes closest but no keyboard, no gps and no flash
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    You can have the mapping stuff. I got a standalone gps unit that does that and does it well. There is such a thing as having too much in one. I prefer to leave the gps on the dash and forget about it.

    Now if my phone would sync or talk with my gps unit for waypoints, addresses, etc..that would be cool. Maybe they do now..i don't's an older Garmin streetpilot 2610. (i went down the pda/gps route before getting a Dell axim (he had that) & Garmin compact flash gps card that plugged in for the father in law...never nightmare as he was always having problems) Get the standalone. Much easier IMO.

    As far as the other features, they're already present in the Centro for the most part.

    But i tell you what, i'm expecting much more than that out of the next Treo. In 18 months, those features you cited will probably be considered poor.

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