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    If you've been following the Smartphone Round Robin closely, you've probably noticed that we've fallen off our “one week per device” posting schedule a bit. Just a single week with a device is tough - we're still doing it, but getting the phones to each other every week has introduced some inevitable delays (sorry Kevin!). Fret not, we press on nonetheless - the Latest Updates page has even been cleaned up a bit so you can get a “bird's eye view” (insert “robin” pun here) of what's new.

    So today's submission from the Windows Mobile side is our last look at the iPhone. We are even following iPhone Mike's gracious lead and bidding the iPhone a *fond* farewell: because it deserves it.

    Read on for my final thoughts on the iPhone!

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    official round robin thread

    ...Money quote from the full article, IMO:

    Basically, my week with the iPhone was like a week at a posh resort - I wasn't as connected as I usually am, I didn't get very much done, but damn if I didn't enjoy the view.
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    Once again, I agree with your final thoughts. I always knew that the iPhone's limited app support would bore me quickly, and make me want more. For example, without a good Tasks app, I would forget a LOT of things on my plate. And that's just one thing - MS Exchange, slingbox, 3G, GPS are all things I would sorely miss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetluva View Post
    I always knew that the iPhone's limited app support would bore me quickly, and make me want more.
    It's coming... comparing a first-generation iPhone to a many-generation other device is like putting a raw rookie ball player against a hardened veteran... just wait a year.
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    Interesting conclusion, and the money quote says a ton.
    You had a mobile that did a few things, and did them in a (some would call limited) singular fashion. Funny how making things simple makes for a better (even if not fulfilling) experience.

    iPhone II will be interesting.
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    What will be just as interesting to me is how the "hardened veterans" re-do their UIs, browsers, and "wow" factors. I gotta think it's easier to make shiny icons and a better browser than develop 20,000 apps. Either way, we should come out the winners in this competition.

    Quote Originally Posted by Geo-Treo View Post
    It's coming... comparing a first-generation iPhone to a many-generation other device is like putting a raw rookie ball player against a hardened veteran... just wait a year.
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    Well, OK, but I need these capabilities now, not in a year. Someday I might have a car powered by a fuel cell, but that won't get me to work today.

    I assume the competition will also have new and better phones a year from now.
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    Apple is claiming that where they went wrong with the iPhone, will be corrected by software updates, I'm willing to bet this thing will see more updates then any other device out there, even BlackBerry devices have their OS updates, but the
    iPhone so far has seen 3 updates now, none of which added any more "inticing" features, the iPhone just simply was a great thought, it looked good on screen, then they had to go and release it, at that point looking at the all the missing features, the iPhone was at that point deflated for me, no more SDK for it, left to deal with silly web apps (yes, I know SDK is coming) at that pricepoint, even with the lowering it still cannot compare to a WinMob or BB or Treo's nothing but a glorified iPod with a cool browser, and plays crappy .flv encoded videos. yayy!!
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    Missing features kinda implies something.

    In their defense, i will say that this phone was far the easiest to research complete with video on No surprises.

    But i think we all have our ideal smartphone or reference and start claiming "missing" features. I see people do this to Treos all the time saying they just can't understand why it's missing wifi or the ability to multitask..or just doesn't offer enough power. Nevermind that very few will actually use everything WM can do or even what a treo can do. Most want to be able to use their device and not spend hours tweaking.

    There's one forum i post on (not a tech one) with some guy who just got an iphone a couple days ago and is excited as heck and saying "this was posted from my iphone" as if this was cutting edge technology.

    These are who apple targeted. Perhaps the "missing features" will whet their appetites for more, but many don't realize they're missing. They're excited just to be able to use that safari browser, watch video, youtube, etc from a touchscreen that is kind of cool.

    Considering the sales, i'd say they targeted right. And that it's not missing anything considering the majority don't know it. In fact, it makes it rather easy for Apple to "add" features in the future to next models...ensuring more iphone sales. I will say though that people who thought Apple would simply update the iphone with software patches are dreaming. They might throw you a free bone here and there, but i'm willing to bet you will have to pay for the next version or pay for an apple app which does it when the apps do come out.
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    I use Notes in Leopard's and these sync to an IMAP folder on iPhone MobileMail. (Which is kind of funny, because on my Treo 680 and Tiger I almost never used To-Do, but now that they're integrated with and MobileMail, they're finally useful to me.
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    The iPhone seems like a killer device. However, anyone I know that owns one always follows up with "I wish it did...". My wife and I wanted one, but the initial cost is just too high and I think I can do better with another, more proven device.
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    Nice review. News note on one of iPhone's coolest features, visual voicemail...
    they're being sued by 'pda inventor' Judah Klausner for using it.
    "Klausner owns two patents related to a voicemail retrieval system using a visual interface. According to the lawsuit, Apple's iPhone infringes on these two patents."
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    Here is something interesting. In Germany on Vodafone you can get your voice-mail sent to you via MMS, which seems

    a) a good use of the technology
    b) require no implementation on the client side at all, as long as its MMS capable (which is most phones except ironically enough the iPhone).
    c) make all kinds of other things possible, such as forwarding your voice mail to some-one else.

    Its available free for all contract subscribers. Pretty cool.

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    That is an awesome use of MMS.
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    I know its only tv. But I saw a iphone on Chuck receiving a MMS message. Here is hoping.

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