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How does the Curve handle multimedia? I know you said that transferring music was pretty straightforward, but do you get album art? Can you navigate a big music collection (sort by artist, type artist name to skip to it, playlist support, etc). I don't really expect it to be iphone-like, but is it better than PalmOS's PocketTunes/Kinoma/TCPMP combo? I mean, PalmOS's multimedia options are a mess for the uninitiated, IMO, but they get the job done if you are the patient type.
One thing the BB OS 4.2 (latest released version) doesn't do yet is streaming media so there isn't a Kinoma equivalent. Streaming media is coming in OS 4.3 due 1Q08. The built-in audio player in OS 4.2 is pretty decent and roughly equivalent to the basic version of PocketTunes. Rumour is that it will be enhanced in OS 4.3 to make it easier to create playlists on the device itself.