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    Lately, there has been a lot of talk about convergence. With the VisorPhone and Pager Module and Kyocera, everyone seems to want an all-in-one device. It seems Motorola is throwing their hat in this arena as well (I'll get to that in a minute).

    While it is my belief that no one (at least not for a few years) has the ability to produce one device that does all things equally as well as their solo counterpart, I do believe that there is a market for these items. Personally, this is not something that I would purchase, however, I can see the benefits for some users.

    While at times I feel like BatMan with all the devices clipped to my belt, I am not ready to give up all my toys for one do it all gadget. My number one fear is simply having all my eggs in one basket, so to speak. If you break or lose the device, you have lost everything. This is not an appealing thought to me.

    Now, to Motorola. They have created a new device that is a GSM phone, Pager, WAP Browser, and PDA. I have attached a link to an article/review of their new device.

    Please share your thoughts concerning this trend and if you would be interested in a device like this.

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    I don't really like the way it looks. IMO, they would have a tough time getting existing Palm users to transfer unless they offered some sort of utility to convert Palm databases.

    As much as I like the idea of an all in one device, that one is not for me.
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    Too convoluted.
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    Originally posted by ****-richardson
    Too convoluted.
    Three convoluted.
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    Well, I'm not really interested in the Accompli, but if the VisorPhone were available in my area, I'd get it in a heartbeat now that the keypad has been announced. Being able to tie in my address book and wireless internet access through the visor would be a boon to me.
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    You know that if you had one of these that at some time in the restroom - one of it's function's would go off. Then where would you be, probably wet or stained - unless it has a roll of tissue with it.

    Come on - if your going to carry around this much technology your going to need a personal assistant to make it work because it won't be able to carry an onboard manual. You'll need a seperate device for that and that's what the assitant will carry is the instruction device!

    Or, it will have so much RFI waves going on about where ever you put it that someone will claim it's a carcinogenic device and sue the manufacturer in a class action law suit which means that the only person that will get money from the resultant windfall would be the lawyer, and he'll (she'll) be wearing two of the devices the second that the court case is settled.

    All kidding aside (or was I serious) how soon will it be before we eliminate the hardware and just move to multiple techno implants so I don't have to carry multiple devices? I'm going to need an ocular implant so that I do have a visual interface of some sort because I need to see my calendar in something slightly larger than a quarter.

    Convergence is a way to go but let me do it in the form of SB modules or SD cards or something rather than putting it all together in one piece of miniscule hardware that I can't read the screen. Heck I've got more lines of text on my Startac than this thing.
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    I'm all for this type of convergence. I recently started using a VisorPhone, and already I don't know what I ever did without it. It has totally changed the way I view PDAs. It's not just a PDA and a phone. It's a well integrated combination of the two that does the jobs of both plus some things that are awkward, inconvenient or just impossible with each individual component. I think the service providers have a long way to go. I also think that maybe they should communicate more with the hardware manufacturers in order for these devices to be useful to their full potential, but I think the wirelessly connected organizer is extremely useful. I'm no longer limited to 8MB or 16MB or whatever I can fit on flash cards. There are vast amounts of information out there, and wireless access to computer networks makes it accessible anywhere. This type of device is still relatively new, and still has its growing pains, but I can't even imagine all the potential applications. I can, however, imagine enough to be giddy when I think about it.
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    Nope, I like seperate stuff, there always seems to be something lacking in the 2for1 deals
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    Originally posted by dampeoples
    Nope, I like seperate stuff, there always seems to be something lacking in the 2for1 deals
    That is my point exactly. Not to mention, what happens if you lose or break the device?

    As irritating as it is carrying around all these gadgets, I would not have it any other way.
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    Well I'm a pocket guy, not a belt clip guy, so I need all the convergence I can get. The Prism with Visorphone is tempting for $300. I am also waiting for the Treo. Actually, I hope some good stuff comes out so that I will have a hard decision to make when Christmas comes around.
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    I'm not a big fan of the Accompli, but I am starting to warm-up to the idea of an "all-in-one" PDA/phone hybrid such as the Samsung SPH-I300. The problem that has plagued device manufacturers for some time, is finding a way to combine a Cell phone, PDA, MP3 player, wireless Internet/e-mail/Instant messaging..and shrink it down to the formfactor of a Palm V. It's not an easy task. But we seem to be getting closer to a holy grail device we can all love. The Samsung SPH-I300 is my favorite, but the new O/2 device is pretty sweet as well:
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    Very pretty.

    I'd like to see more convergence. I currently regularly carry my Prism, Blackberry and Motorolla StarTac, and I'd love to shrink them down to one all-in-one device.

    That said, I'd be happy if I could just get a Palm OS device with the same email functionality of the Blackberry. It's killer for email, but the PDA functions stink and you can completely forget about programs that go beyound the basic PIM core.

    I've been very tempted to spring for the Visorphone (excuse the pun), but my current cell phone is fairly new and I'm not thrilled about GSM coverage.
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    That is one sweet looking machine...who makes it? Is it out yet?
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    It's made by a UK based company named mmO2. The device will be released next year in Europe only. We aren't going to see it over here.


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