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    For the past few days, I've been working with the AT&T Tilt, a Windows Mobile smartphone. I've used Windows Mobile before, so this isn't quite the new experience that the BlackBerry Curve was, but I haven't used the latest version of Windows Mobile (version 6) either. I used WM5 with a Treo 750 for a while, but I ended up dealing with a bad bug that prevented calls from ringing. That was pretty much a killer for the device, and I stopped using it.

    And that would be the end of the story, but for the Smartphone Round Robin. And here we are again.

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    Let's make it an Official Round Robin Contest Thread.

    Excellent article, IMO, well worth the read. There are indeed plenty of decent soft-keyboards out there. I'll let others chime in with their favorites to see if anybody can pick the right one.
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    now, by soft keyboard, do you mean something similar to the Iphone's? or something smaller?
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    Great Article Mike!

    Touched on a lot of things I didn't talk YES..the multitasking capability is awesome. One of those things that makes it more like a mini-computer when using it vs. a smartphone.

    And just realized something...I'm pretty sure I kept WiFi on the entire time I had the phone in my possession. Wouldn't everyone?! I'm guessing that will be the reason the battery needed a mid-afternoon recharge. I haven't had the pleasure of using a WiFi BlackBerry yet (8820 or 8320)...not sure how badly the battery gets sapped when WiFi is turned on those.

    Looking forward to your next article!
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    The two software keyboards of the moment are Touchpal and PCMKeyboard.

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    It seems to me all these round robins are more about the Out of Box experience than the eventual user experience. I get most newbies never customize their devices, but WM users are much more pro-active in general. Didn't Palm say recently 80+% of their users use 3rd party apps.

    I know iPhone users are superficial, so maybe the first thing to change is the theme? I was shocked to see kevinBerry was still using the very plain default one.

    There are some nice ones here, and a cab to make it all glossy black

    You would also want to install HTC Album, which is their own image viewer.

    BTW, if you hold down the phone end key it locks the phone.

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    Great article Mike! I look forward to reading your final thoughts! ;-)
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    I look forward to seeing more comments on usability. I'm still unconvinced the WinMob 6 is any easier to use than previous versions. MS seems to be applying the same business model to WinMob as it does to Windows itself: each release gets more and more features, requires more and more memory and processor, but does nothing to solve the usability problems that have existed for year after year, version after version.

    And the Tilt itself seems to add even more complexity, with its plethora of buttons and switches.

    I guess that's why I'm still a Palm Treo user: In spite of its age, lack of pre-emptive multi-tasking, and less than glamorous interface, the Palm OS just plain works. It's simple, straightforward, and gets the most performance from the fewest inputs of any device to date.

    The iPhone has potential, but even now there are oddities in the interface which makes some activities harder than they need to bem, especially when switching between apps. I wonder how well the interface will hold up with 50 or more 3rd party apps loaded, each with it's own interpretation of the "standard."
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    good write up
    I don't care what you say SPRINT kicks
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb View Post
    And the Tilt itself seems to add even more complexity, with its plethora of buttons and switches.
    This is such nonsense, I am starting to doubt the sanity of the people who spew it.

    So its more complex to open my e-mail app with a clearly labeled e-mail button? Or by browser with the same? Or my phone app?

    And arnt most phone users trained in the use of soft keys and menus associated with them for ages? Isn't that how every Razr works?

    If you use nothing but the browser, e-mail and phone you would never need to open up the start menu at all.

    Maybe some-one need to explain to me whats so complicated, because I dont get it.

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    I think the complication comes from having so many diff ways to axxs one simple item, WinMob is cluttered and a user of WinMob has to find the "right way" to make the device function for them, once those options are set I think the OS will become easier to maintain and use, but until that happens the devices do feel complicated and awkward, the good thing about WinMob is it's customization options to remove some of the complication AKA Clutter, ever you wanna refer to a simple process as long as your willing/able to dabble into long lists of .CAB files and such, but my personal perception still prevails here and no matter how many articles/reviews I read about WinMob usage will change that, it's just not a user friendly OS for the average user, you have to be interested and know what WinMob is and know the potential it actually has to want to purchase these devices, without that knowledge..chances are you'll be coming to the sad realization that the device you just purchased is way more then what you actually need/ terms of other devices, the iPhone is slick and easy to navigate, the BB devices the same, these devices can be picked up and quickly understood by the average user in a matter of days, where with WinMob, a user could have the device and never end up fully understanding all the functions of I said this is great for those "explorers" and gadget nuts, but average user...naww
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    So ... quick question.

    Did you happen to have any issues with switching back and forth between Wifi and 3G? Its a frickin nightmare for me. I have to turn on wifi, then go into my mail account options and set it back to "the internet" from "medianet" before it will download email over wifi. If I try to use wifi to browse the web and then leave the house (and disconnect wifi) then I have to close PIE and reopen it before it will start to use the 3G network. Its ridiculous. My iPhone I switch between wifi and edge without any notice or issues...

    Am I missing something?
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    Great article mike. I must say that as a veteran user of WM devices, the whole platform is sluggish a lot of the time. However, I believe that the sluggishness is offset by the power, customizability, and hardware that ships with many of these devices. My current device is also the Tilt, and I haven't thought much about the Treo 750 at all.
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    Nice article! Can't wait to see what you think of it after going back to the 680 for a bit. I'm on the 680 and curious if I should go WM. Your +/- on it in a short window like this will surely be helpful!
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    You truly "get it".

    This coming from a 7 year veteran of Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) devices.
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    Too bad AT&T is the devil!
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    I'm curious if you ever get "stuck" going back to edge speeds and how the handoff between 2G and 3G is. Thanks for the great articles!
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    Do you like how the phone actually tilts, or have you messed with the old style sliders and prefer them?
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    Too bad AT&T is the devil!
    How does that fit in, lol?

    Long live unlocked devices.
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    I must say this pretty much mirrors my experiences with an HTC TyTN. Big, not that easy to use, and a bit slow. My biggest gripe is not really covered above - it's not very easy to use as a phone! Dialling a number that isn't a speed dial or on voice command is a pain - even with two hands!
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