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    Just posting here as a heads up - I have questions over at the Forums!

    Well, I've been using the Curve for a few days now. I wasn't sure how I'd like the non-touch screen, but it's actually not too bad. The trackball is sort of neat. The only experience I'd ever had with a BB device was with a 7290 that I bought cheap online just to see what a BB was like. I charged it up and messed with it for about 30 minutes. I had trouble just trying to set the date and time on it.LOL! I din't fiddle with it much and set it to the side. It's still sitting here in my office and I keep meaning to ebay it.

    Now this Curve is of course quite a different device than that of the old BB 7290. When I had told CrackBerry Kevin in an email about my miniscule experience with the 7290, he replied that it was an old dinosaur. LOL, how true!

    I've set up my email accounts on the Curve and that went very smoothly and is working great.

    I guess I have some pretty dumb questions:

    1. How do I get 3rd party apps on the Curve? Like I was wanting to try Yahoo Go! and Opera Mini.

    2. I was going to ask if the Curve had a speakerphone, but Duh, I just looked at the back of the user guide again and spotted the speakerphone key.

    3.Besides the BrickBreaker game that comes on the Curve, are there any other games that you can get to play? Like some type of word game? I remember reading some discussion from Mike's RR thread that certain types of games wouldn't work very well with the Curve due to button layout.

    I'm sure I'll have more questions later. I'll be putting up my initial thoughts article later today.
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