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    I'm looking to update my phone soon. But I have a few questions about the iPhone functionality. If anybody could help me out that would be great!

    1. Can you set an "alarm" in the calendar to notify you of an event like you can with the treo?
    2. Can you set up google maps to act as a navigator like tom tom (I'm pretty sure you can't)? If not, are there any gps apps out there yet?
    3. Does it support Push email?
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    Yes, you can have an alarm set and it will play a tone-see

    This is one of the Faux GPS apps that I have found

    iPhone as of now "kinda" supports push email, although it is fake push
    review further here

    I will point out that I am in now way, an iPhone user or fully knowledgeable in iPhone, sooo...even though I have looked up this info, I don guarentee it's accuracy, and maybe be best to wait for further explanations before making choices.
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    the iPhone really only does push with Yahoo mail, and I believe that's based on IMAP IDLE.

    I haven't tried Navizon yet, but will probably do it a little later this week!

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