View Poll Results: WM6 Pro QWERTY WARS 2008!

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  • HP IPAQ 900

    4 21.05%
  • Samsun i780

    9 47.37%
  • i-mate 8502

    3 15.79%
  • Treo 800W

    10 52.63%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    WM6 Pro QWERTY WARS 2008!

    OK here are the 4 main QWERTY contenders. I am sure there are more but this will do for me. Lets get ready to rumble!

    Who will win. Who has your vote and why.

    HP IPAQ 900


    SAMSUNG i780


    i-mate 8502


    Mysterious - TOP SECRET - Rumored

    Treo 800W

    Lets set the catagories for comment and post.
    01. Design

    Is is cool, sleek, smart layout, good buttons.
    02. Features

    Does it have the bells and whistles to get it done.
    03. Perfomance

    Because they are all not out yet. Do you think it has the power or ratings to standup in the figh. MP (Camera), RAM, ROM, Prossessor
    04. Credibility

    Do you beleave them? shhh nobody look at Palm.

    In the end the score doesn't really mean anything, vote for your favorite of the 4 and maybe say what pushes you over the top.


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    First thoughts...

    HP IPAQ 900
    Seems like the tank of the bunch, maybe this will be the closest to a Treo's special sauce modifications and ease of use. Seems like a cross between a Treo and a Blackberry. This would be my first choice for features and power.

    Samsung i780
    WOW! the screen 320 x 320
    Samsung always does something to monkey up the design or connectors?
    What about the optical pointer thingy? Hmmm...
    I just have a feeling that this will be a great device, but not the one for me.

    i-mate 8502
    I may like the 320 x 240 vs. the 240 x 320, task lists, contact list, appointments, 1 column web page on this screen would be cool after suffering the Treo 750 240 x 240.
    This would be my second choice with the screen being the next biggest factor.

    Treo 800
    I want to want it, but is it really out there. I own a 750, I love the ease of use and form factor. I am just not sure if they will ever catch up. WM6 AT&T update anyone? What are the specs really? Who knows. If I knew more I could say,but faith is no longer enough. Show me the truth.

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    QWERTY WARS 2008

    Here is a little pdf of the contenders.

    For a visual.

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    kinda looks like you are waring with yourself. Having fun?

    BTW - your title leads me to believe you are asking for keyboard likes/dislikes, not total phone functionality/GUI.
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    It's pointless voting/commenting on the 800w because as it stands no such product exists. Sure Palm will most likely release something with that name which may or may not have the specs and design that have been discussed, but until they do it's just vapourware.
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    Hence the comment ...

    Mysterious - TOP SECRET - Rumored

    Treo 800W

    I agree it is still fiction. But you know whats crazy, it ranks good for fiction.

    People still vote for it.

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    I don't see any HTC devices on there. :/
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    For some mysterious reason HTC does not do exposed front facing qwerty WM pro devices.

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    HTC WM6 Pro - Hmmm....

    I think that most of us can agree that if HTC ever releases a WM6 Pro QWERTY BAR it will be mighty indeed. At least that is my opinion.

    Seems like some spell that PALM may have placed on HTC? Maybe I am just seeing shadows and there are none.

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    I find this a bit odd as far as "winning".

    The 800w will be CDMA, so by default, smaller release (U.S. only) compared to world-wide GSM.

    OTOH, the i780 won't work here in the U.S., so who here will buy one?

    So on Sprint/Verizon, the 800w will win simply because we have no choice and the i780 looses since it'll never work on AT&T. Also, since we know little about the 800w, it's really hard to gauge, but I have to go with it as my "winner" because
    • It's on Sprint
    • I like the 700wx a lot
    • I'll never see a i780
    • The HP looks awful (specs are good though)
    • iMate just seems like crap
    • The Centro's hardware is very good (BT, screen, design, buttons, etc.), gives me confidence in Palm's next WM device
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    HTC has a device in the works.
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    At the end of the day, it comes down to CARRIER for me, because i'm down with Sprint.

    Plus, coming from a 700Wx, the best Palm device i've ever had, the 800w is the next logical step.
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    I am so ready for the release of a new QWERTY BAR WM6 Pro device.

    My Treo 750 is crying the pain.

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    I am surprised. I am considering switching to the Q9h Global as a stop gap until there is a new QWERTY BAR WM6 Pro device (like the Treo 800). I did not originaaly switch for the touch screen I switched to the Treo 750 for the form factor.



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