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    Ok -- need some clarification from our Smart phone experts

    Are you just swapping phones or are there any rules in place as to what each author can do with the phone? Obviously it's not a contest between the authors, but some ground rules may lead to a more fair comparison. Let's face it one killer app - like e-mail - can really change the users opinion of the phone. Same goes for a killer hardware add on - like GPS.

    So here some questions for clarification:
    1- Is there a limited number of add on applications an author can use?
    a. If not a number, a dollar amount of apps?
    2- Are any Applications off limit?
    example - and add on e-mail app like snappermail - should we only test out of the box e-mail functionality?

    3- Hardware: Can the user purchase add on 'stuff' ?
    a. Palm can have a GPS added on? Can blackberry? is that 'fair' if it can't?
    b. How about that BB Clip - comes w/ the phone. Palm folks buy their's- that effects a users experience
    c. Bluetooth headsets. stereo headsets. larger batteries.

    I'm sure there are more examples - not trying to be a pain in the ****. I think this is really great and i just wanted to add it by clarify the grounds of comparison (thinks Mossberg Solution - the ultimate battery test, everything on)

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    Excellent questions, all. The basic answer is "We don't really have specific rules on this stuff." We do have a list of stuff that people need to at least *try* - See under "What We'll Do."

    As for spending money, testing with hardware, etc - it will be more "catch as catch can." We're only spending one week with each device, and I guarantee you that my 3 colleagues feel the exact same way I do - it's an incredibly short amount of time to spend with a new device. That short amount of time sort of makes rules about this or that 3rd party app or 3rd party piece of hardware a little academic. We're mainly looking for a more global overview.

    Anyhow, that said, each week we all will generally start off with "I have X this week, Help!" posts in the forum - so if you have suggestions for the editors definitely let them know there!
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    cool -thanks Dieter
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