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    Hey does any one know if it is a bad thing to leave your m505 in the cradle all the time? I usually leave it their overnight and during the day I leave it in the cradle in my office. Is that bad for the battery or the unit?

    Thank you Much
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    Shouldn't be, infact I think its better to keep Lithium batteries topped off as opposed to letting them draing all the way (The opposite of NiCads with their memory effect).
    Matt Nichols
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    With the light on all the time in the cradle, any potential for overcharging is minimilized hence good builtin engineering on the part of Palm. Also, the capacitor on the cable should help prevent any errant static discharges that can occur with units that are charging.

    I have a Vx that is over a year old with no ill effects and it sits in the cradle similar times to what you stated.
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