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    Has anyone outside of California spotted the N710 in stores? If so, where & how much? There was a rumor that had some, but I think that ended up being a fabrication.

    UPDATE: According to one fella on, BestBuy in CA is selling the Sony Clie. A little more hopeful that it is hitting mainstream retail and on its way nationwide, not just Fry's Electronics in CA.
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    According to some guy in Atlanta. . .

    They are finally migrating East. Hopefully they'll be in DC by the weekend.
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    Now it's really sad when I am the only one replying to my own comments. But. . .

    BestBuy in Richmond, VA now has the Clie. Picked one up for my fiancee today -- damn it's sweet.

    Only gripes. Screen brightness is not the iPaq indoors, but better outdoors and better than the 505. My fiancee says the screens a little mushy, but not concerning.
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    Yes, it's true...the Clie is shipping! I received mine today (5/30)! I ordered it 5/2 and was given a 5/28 shipping date. I called Sony Style yesterday, gave them my order # and they said the Clies weren't in yet, but they should ship on 6/8. Lo and behold, there's a package at my front door that was shipped via UPS 2-Day on 5/28...right on schedule!!

    Good luck to those who are anxiously waiting!


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