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    I may have the model numer wrong, but wow, that is a nice device.

    What the Treo should have been.

    Can't wait until Dec.

    The only thing I could ask for is 640x480 ;-)
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    i-mate 8502 Qwerty Smartphone:

    512mhz Intel Boulvade processor
    256mb ROM
    128mb RAM
    2.6in VGA 256k touchscreen(640x480 I believe.Maybe higher)
    Full Qwerty keyboard
    2mp camera/camcorder
    microSD expansion
    WiFi 802.11 b/g
    nVidia G5500 graphics accelerator
    Windows Mobile 6
    Soft-Paint finish
    Between $600-$700

    If I remeber right,those are the specs.It is going to be a monster!But its not carrier specific.You have to order it from i-mates website.But if I remember correctly,its GSM/EDGE.So that's AT&T or Tmobile.I wish that I had that kind of money to blow on a smartphone.Lol.Its just a bit to expessive for my taste.Maybe if it had some rebates.Now I could be totally off with this info.But I'm pretty sure that its correct.
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    People had no trouble blowing $600 on an iPhone, so there is a market for the high end stuff.

    It looks like the bar has been set, at least on the candybar form factor.

    I would almost considering getting an ATT 3G data plan when this puppy rolls out.

    The specs are solid, and the device looks decent.

    I wish it had higher resolution, but there's always the next model. ;-)
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    Engadget and Ubergizmo are reporting 320x240 screen

    Does look good though
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    Even with that resolution, it's good.
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    Yeah,I wasn't totally sure of the screen resolution.When I read an article on it,they were saying it was.But I guess engadget got a solid answer.Even at that resolution its solid.Im pretty sure that the other specs are spot on.It is extremely nice!I would buy it if I could use it with Sprint.But the reports say GSM/EDGE.But if it does come to Sprint.I just might have to drop my 755p and pick one up.The only thing that sucks is its not going any carriers.So you have to order it from the i-mate website.But even still,I might have to pick one up.
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    I just hunted down some exact specs.And these are the only things that are different from my first post.It actually features...

    Qualcomm MSM 7200 400 mhz processor
    2.6in(320x240,65k color)TFT Touchscreen.

    those are the only differences that I found.And even at those specs,its a monster.And still worth a buy.I'll see if I can hunt down more info.

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