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    Hello all,
    My wife recently got a job with a small real estate company. They do not have corporate email, but rather use email addresses like: 'companyname'

    (there was only 1 person working there previous to my wife)

    Is it possible to set up with a hosted exchange provider an email such as:
    JohnDoe@'companyname'.com? How does that work?

    My wife would like to get the Blackberry Pearl next month, but doesn't want to email clients from "Yahoo" as it is not very professional. I will probably set her up with Intermedia for the hosting (who our company uses).

    Please advise!

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    Its possible. Talk to your hosting provider.
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    Yes, buy the domain (come on - its only $9/yr!) and Intermedia will host it. It will take additional $'s to connect your BB's to Exchange. Typically an additional $15/mo on top of the exchange cost. I would look at 123together and Sherweb too - I think they are cheaper than Intermedia.
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    I host one of my domains on google.. Give that a shot. And yes it does work flawlessly with a blackberry. You can go to and sign up.
    Currently I have

    You are currently using 40 MB (0%) of your 4358 MB.

    4.3Gb is pretty generous! and that is PER USER account.

    Its predominantly free if you dont mind hosting it on google. And you can POPand now IMAP from


    Its only free if you already host the domain. You can buy a domain from wherever u can register a domain and then park your mail on there. So its practically free. You still have to pay for the domain.
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    Thanks for the replies! Very helpful..
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    Sherweb is $9.95/month per blackberry. Check it out.

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