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    Today I was at Fry's and I had a chance to check out the Clie and m505 side by side. I only spent several minutes, and there wasn't a lot of software on each machine, either. Anyway, my impressions:

    The Clie screen is really nice. The high resolution really shows, and the colors are vibrant. The handheld itself looks slick, too. It is narrower than the m505, but longer.

    Without the backlight, the m505 screen is really dim. Compared with the Clie screen, the lcd grid is also noticeable. With the backlight on, the screen is pretty decent, IMO. It's still not nearly as flashy as the Clie screen, though, and for the price difference, I would definitely choose a Clie.

    For good measure, I looked at the Prism that was sitting beside them. The screen is of course much brighter than the m505 (comparable to the Clie's brightness), but it doesn't look as smooth due to the lower resolution. There weren't any apps to speak of on the Prism, so I couldn't compare the color bitdepth to that of the Clie. Should've beamed something from my VDX to the machines :P
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    I recently purchase the Clie and can tell you that the Clie screen is incredible!!! The color and contrast is great. Images so much sharper than any other PDA I've seen. Though set to 8bit color, images look as good as 16 bit. They can look better than on my Prism.

    FYI: The Clie can go do 16 bit color. this link will point you to an app that unlocks the true power of the Clies graphic chip.
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    How about the battery life? Which screen drains batterys faster??
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    I'd say the battery life is great on the Clie N710c.

    check this comparison of the Clie N710c and the Palm M505. The Clie with the front light on set to medium brightness (which is brighter that the M505) lasted 8 hours, while the M505 with its front light survived for 7 hours. Not bad for both but I am really impressed that the clie beat out the M505. As far as when it was teseted with the light off. The M505 ran for 15 hours, where the lasted Clie with it light at its lowest setting lasted 14 hours.

    I would say that with a brighter, high res screen the N710c is quite impressive.

    Heres a link to one of the battery tests performed.
    It's all about how you spend the money.

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