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    once again, if you don't need 3rd party programs you're completely wasting your time with Palm.

    i will say that i like the design of the Centro, it was imperative for them to release such a device. no one likes it big when you can do the same on something smaller. check out the Centro forum if you don't believe me. old time Treo users who have switched over to the Centro are FINALLY admitting how big and brick like their old Treos were. funny how that happens.
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    Very true - there's no comparison between my Curve and 700p in terms of dimensions or weight. I can easily put the Curve in a shirt pocket at 3.9oz.

    There are certainly more 3rd-party apps for POS but I've found that virtually all my 700p 3rd-party functionality is builtin to the BB OS so I haven't needed to spend more $$ to make it work the way I want. With the addition of streaming video in OS 4.3, that'll close the remaining gap (for me at least).
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtgdoc View Post
    ... Everything works well, all the time...
    This is mostly my impression as well. I still don't like the email situation (having to deal with email on my desktop client and on the BB) but otherwise I'm quite happy with my BB Curve (on T-Mobile). I will however give future Palm OS devices a hard look as I still like the Palm UI best.
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    I've been with a Curve for the last two months or so, going cold turkey from my Treo 680. It's been interesting.

    I will admit, I was surprised by the email on it, I thought it was supposed to be some smooth amazing email device, but I had to buy a 3rd party email viewer in order to turn nasty html links/codes etc into a viewable email. I wasn't even aware of this problem whilst using my treo.

    I also miss all the software from my Treo. Mainly, the medical applications I had. Patient databases, ebooks, reference software. Skyscape have ported over some software to the Blackberry, but in my opinion, it's almost unusable as it's far too slow. 5-6 seconds for a keypress to register whilst using Stedman's dictionary - unacceptable.

    But now that I can view my email in a readable format, as a phone it's fantastic. Great battery life - I go on holiday for 4 days and forget to bring my charger and it lasts all the way through without having to worry about running out of juice. I've had no complaints about voice quality either. Perfect!

    So I do miss what my Treo could do for me, but the blackberry is sitting firmly as an email/phone device that works for me. I just wish it had the applications of the palm. I was contemplating going back but just thinking about the poor phone quality, the lags and poor battery life, and I'm reminded about how that really irritated me, leaving me content(ish) to keep with the Blackberry for now.

    ALthough I have been eyeing up the nokia E90 and the N810...
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    Today I had to go back into my 700P to get a webpage I had saved...all i can say is WOW what a clunker. After being away from it, the heaviness was amazing. The buttons seemed old-fasioned in a way to me...can't explain it.
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    After a few more days with my Treo750, I've noticed I haven't had a single freeze or reboot. My wife has my former Treo700p, which reboots at least once a day. My Curve locked up 3 times during my 35 days.

    I was too close to the POS to realize what I was missing... The Curve helped me realize the capabilities with BT and stable device, and WM6 on the Treo750 is awesome. All the stability you could want, builting in apps, HSPDA speed, and BT2.0 ... just need a better battery life.

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    I use my treo 680 for work during the week 9am monday til 9pm on friday, My curve is my weekend showpeice so pretty and light. I love my treos touch screen and web browser but hate the bluetooth interface which requires a code EVERY TIME!!

    My curve doesn't sound as good but is a joy to look at and is fun to text and email on. I guess I love 2 phones!!
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    No! No! Hell No! Please! Are you crazy?! The idea of going back is both idiotic and foolish. Checkout the comparisons of foolishness that is equally idiotic.
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    Iíve been there done that and wouldnít go back!
    Once you go Black(berry) youíll never go back!
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    blackberry pearl for sprint, here I come!
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    I have been using the 700w for two years now. I have gotten used to its quirks, but just went and checked out the 8830. The ringer is pathetic. The phone quality at the other end as tested with voice mail does not seem any worse than any other phone. Mrjerome, what has been your experience with the phone part of the 8830?

    By the way, on another forum a user talked about mentioned a "red or red striped" Verizon edition of the 8830. No clue what that is about. Anyone heard?
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    Well this is a subject that has opened a lot of thoughts, well first of all I was/am a Treo lover but the crashing & resetting with both the Treo700wx and the Treo700p, my wife had the 700p, just got ridiculous, and that is after the so-called MR updates to both devices. I waited and waited for the device to work as promise but to no avail. I own a landscaping company and I need my phone/pda to work at ALL times and I shouldnít have to make/hack the Treo to help it to be usable. One day here in sunny 102 degree weather in Jacksonville Florida, after taking care of a property an important client called and my phone locked up as we were talking, I had to reset the Treo again, I only use the phone twice for maybe 20 minutes combine and looked at my calendar for the day and it crashed! I have about 20 to 30 clients per day in my calendar and about 600 contacts, Verizon says and here is their fix, do a hard reset, take out what I donít need because the device canít handle it. So logic kicked in my little brain, and I said to myself, ďself, what device has been a standard for most professionals for years, BlackBerry! Therefore, I did my research briefly and I went to Verizon and told them my issues and they agreed that Iím making an excellent choice, they gave the phone free of charge, granted I first purchased the original Treo700w January 5, 2006, the first day it hit the stores, Iíve had 3 replacement phones and one upgrade to the Treo700wx March 2007 at NO COST, so getting the BlackBerry 8830 fair to me, and yes I know the Treo cost more, Why? Iíll never know but the 8830 has NEVER let me down or crashed or had to do a reset in two months which is almost unbelievable. It was common to do a reset every morning so I could have a decent day with the Treo. I feel cheated and foolish that I kept believing they were going to fix all the ailments with the Treo. When they do they will maybe, probably catch up to the BlackBerry. The latest upgrades were a joke. Now since I got that off my chest the comparisons. Are you serious, there is No comparison.

    Emails: which includes Hotmail, AOL, yahoo, Gmail and Bellsouth/AT&T works seamlessly, with no work arounds, they just work.

    Phone: Sound quality excellent, lets not even mention speaker phone quality.
    Workmanship: The screen is better brighter, no hint of yellow. The screen automatically adjust to the brightness of it environment, it turns down the brightness in low light which is great for looking at it early morning because I do use it as an alarm clock, Treo alarm issues still unresolved. Its thinner, lighter and I thought I would have a difficult time adjusting from touch screen to the BALL, no problems, its working. The USB charger is also great, no need to have several preparatory connections it works with my stereo Bluetooth charger (Motorola).

    Battery: Comes with a high output battery that last all day, I bought the Seidio 3200mAh Ultra Extended Battery for Treo 700p, 700w|wx for $54.95. I have a battery that is just as good that I didnít have to buy!

    Software: Software is slim pickings for the 8830 but they are good software, no junk software. I have bought a few so far and it was worth it. Pocket Express, Opera Mini 4 (free), etc. the developers put out a more polished software for BB (BlackBerry). The GPS is awesome, what a treat with VZ Navigator, no need for Google Maps or Live but they all work with the GPS built it, . Great for a landscaper, addresses and directions are must for me.

    Operating System: Quicker, No slow downs, No crashes, No mysterious RESETS, Loads programs faster, the media sync is smoother, No Active Sync!, I do miss wireless sync but I donít crash to lose my contacts or appointments so itís not really missed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GhengisEEK View Post
    I've been a long support of the Treo from Handspring to PALM to PALMONE, etc. Over the last five years, my company has offered me a blackberry... which I refused as I love my Treo and all its capabilities.

    I caved last Friday. I setup a 8310 Curve w/GPS for a coworker and was amazed at how far RIM had progressed. I've got one on order for me, and will parlay my Treo to my wife.

    Now there is some apples to oranges, as I pay for my Treo service/device and my compay will pay for the Curve service/device. But needless to say, the market was there for PALM to Win, it was theirs to LOSE. They will probably go down as one of biggest Tech Company blunders of the 21st century. I can see the case study now... "How to divest your company and die a slow death." - Edward T. Colligan

    See you later TC, I will still visit.
    Greetings All,

    I am a former Treo 650 owner. About 2 months ago I was looking for an upgrade to what I then perceived as a brick of a phone (look around people) with a really outdated OS. I asked the salesperson what he used and he whips out his BB Curve (then 8300 now 8310). He showed me some of the features and I have to say I was very impressed with what I saw. To make a long story short I bought the BB 8310. Need proof this device flat out rocks? Google the reviews, simple as that.

    All one has to do is google Treo reviews and its becomes abundantly clear what is going on with the Treo. Centro?! Really? What is their identity? Is it WM, PALM or the Linux OS? I come back to this site every now and then to see what's new from the Treo series, so far not too much.

    It's really quite sad. The series had so much promise. Anyone with a BB want to talk more about this subject feel free to send me a message, my PIN is 2427918C

    Have a nice day
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    Quote Originally Posted by scubaduba View Post
    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the "geek" factor of the Treo's. When I switched jobs I really debated between a Curve on AT&T and a Treo 750 on AT&T. Most others in my company use Blackberry's... but in the long run I would totally miss being able to get inside the OS and modify it to suit my needs. Not to mention my endless fiddling with the Today screen. I would really miss that aspect of the Treo.
    and we wonder why the PALM OS has a tendency towards crashing, hmmm
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    I tried the Blackberry Curve for a couple of days and then went running back to my 755p. That trackball drove me nuts.
    Current Phone(s): HTC Inspire "4G" & Pre 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenada View Post
    I tried the Blackberry Curve for a couple of days and then went running back to my 755p. That trackball drove me nuts.
    Was that the only reason? What else did/didn't you like about it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by oalvarez View Post
    once again, if you don't need 3rd party programs you're completely wasting your time with Palm.
    I pretty much agree with this statement given the current state of the POS and Treo hardware in relation to the new Blackberry's. I have a 8830 (Sprint) for work and it does the minimum well and in a stable manner. However, it could never replace my sometimes-unstable Treo since I rely on so many 3rd party apps that are either not available on BB or would be a PITA to use on the BB platform.
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    I went back, kinda sorta.

    They rolled out Blackberries here at my job some years back. Prior to that I had always carried around a Pocket PC. First I had a Blackberry 6210, then a 7780, and finally a 8700. I ended up carrying a PPC along most of the time anyway because the Blackberries were so limited. Later I managed to get an AT&T Tilt and running Blackberry Connect 4.0 on it. Blackberry Connect gets in the way once in a while, but overall life is much better. Now I can finally leave the Dell X51v behind and still have much of my data with me, that is unless I want to bring 16GB of MP3's along.

    Blackberries are really nice if you need a device you can hand to anyone regardless of their technical skill, or lack thereof. They are simple to use and pretty hard to screw up. Beyond that I think there are better options.
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    - Used Treo700 with Good Messaging for ~20 months
    - No 3rd Party Apps (though Agree Treo has way more than BB)
    - Primary Use: Phone, Email, Contacts, Calendar, Web
    - Heavy User, Travel (Have Aircard for Laptop as well) but typical to crank out 50+ mails a day +20 calls frequently on pda
    - Huge fan of the Treo initially, first intro to corp email on a pda device, intuitive, easy to use

    - The Palm Circle of Death. Lock ups becoming more frequent, resets while in the middle of a conversation.
    - Reminder, I used no 3rd party Apps and Palm/Good have certification. Firm believer than when you load any processor with tons of 3rd party, untested Apps, that you'll bring any OS to it's knees. However, didn't have a single ONE loaded.
    - Charger/Charging Receptacle on the 700P should win a Darwin award for POS. In the span of 20 mos, went through 3 or 4 OEM chargers. The pins n the end of the thing require tighter tolerance than a mechanical heart valve and are simply "folded" into place, just asking to breakdown.
    - Lags. Type 5 words and one appears 15 seconds later. Annoying
    - Eventually on the 5th charger, the phone wouldnt charge any longer. I gave up.

    Looked at multiple replacement devices and decided to give up on Palm. Initially got a Samsung i730 on VzW with Good. Friggin disaster. The device is the most non-intuitive POS made. To bring the device out of sleep, you actually have to press the "on" button, which is a tiny thing on the top of the unit. It also locked/reset 3 times in 3 days. (Maybe Palm isn't so bad...) The "call"/disconnect" buttons are on the sides of the unit. In 3 days, I unintentionally hung up at least 5 calls. Returned it to VzW.

    Perused Blackberry's and went with the 8830 over Pearl. (on Vzw, so 8830 or Pearl are the newer factors). Decided I needed a full QWERTY and didn't want to deal with SureType.

    Best Decision Ever.

    First off: STABLE. No lag, no lock-ups, resets or BS in 45 Days now. Personally, I don't miss the touch screen a single bit. I loathed pulling out the stylus and my hands are big so it was a pain to begin with. The BB trackball or whater it's called is perfect for 1 handed operation. Fast, fluid and simply works. Another HUGE Plus is the Battery Life. BB on the 8830 beats the treo700P hands down by at least a day's worth of life.

    The initial look of the BB mail didn't impress me much, but I've tuned font, etc. a bit and have taken to it..more so than Palm. The Palm Calendar via Good was laid out better, however I always had trouble scheduling meetings and don't have such issue with the BB.

    Anyone on the fence, pull the trigger and don't look back.

    Summary between Treo and BB 8830:

    Screen Contrast/Resolution: BB
    One handed Operation: BB
    Phone: BB (haven't dropped a call yet)
    OS Stability: BB
    Third Pary Apps: Treo
    Battery Life: BB
    Charger: BB (I couldn't use the Cig Lighter on the Treo, it would fall out)
    Touchscreen Vs. Trackball: Track Ball IMO
    Solid Feel of Unit: Tie
    Design: BB
    Email: BB
    Calendar: Treo/Good, (though had issues scheduling apppointments)

    Overall: BB

    I have nothing "against" Palm. Loved the Treo when I first got it but instability became a serious issue for me. Also had many issues with charger, don't know if this was a fluke or what. At the end of the day, Treo's probably better if your into "tinkering" with 3rd party apps, but BB's way better as an outright corporate/email/phone/calendar workhorse. IMO

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    yep! but still difficult for so many to believe.

    enjoy yours!
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    I went back, but not necessarily to Palm, just back to WM because I think that's the OS for me. But I still was very happy at how easy BB is to use. It's so easy you don't even need to RTFM most of the time, LOL! Those newer models are very capable.

    And the 700p is considered a disaster on this forum, LOL! I never had one but have seen a whole lot of people angrily demanding firmware fixes, which speaks volumes about that model.
    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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