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    Would be so easy for Palm to make a iPhone knockoff like the new VZW/LG Voyager is positioned to be, but make it a million times better.
    The Voyager is such a lame device from a capabilities standpoint, so it would have been easy for Palm to trump it. Palm has the tools to do it, but no vision or gumption... Who would be better than Palm to release a touchscreen-dominated phone with solid touch-oriented apps ? But Palm is so mired in its repackage-the-Treo rut that it completely misses these wide open opportunities. Apple is rumored to be releasing the iPhone2 very soon, a cheaper, stripped down iPhone. So the market for iPhone-like devices is really going to be whipped up in the next few months. Palm is just letting it all go by, even though it would have been trivial for it to compete in that space with a superior product.

    HTC managed to foresee the iPhone wave and released its Touch *BEFORE* the iPhone itself (in May). Is Palm so completely devoid of any vision ? The Touch and now the Voyager should be well positioned for the coming holidays... I hope the Centro does well, but its competing in a much more crowded space than the iPhone-like devices.
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    If you own an iPhone, you would know multi-touch is a very inprecise input method. It's very hard to build a "power user" device on top of it.

    It's not even that good of an iPod. For example, scolling long list and switching shuffle are inferior to the old iPods.
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    That's not the point... most new customers don't know that...

    90% of new customers looking at the LG Voyager, the Touch/Vogue and the iPhone will believe that these phones are very similar. And you can believe that Verizon is pushing that view, as it already is calling the Voyager as an iPhone killer. Palm has every ability to make a better iPhone killer than LG... except innovative drive. "Killer" is in the sense of in the marketplace, not necessarily in terms of true capabilities. And I'm not suggesting that Palm make an iPhone-like device that is a "power user device", far from it, it should be targeted for a more general audience. Palm still makes Zires too...

    90% customers are going to think the Centro is just another QWERTY device, like Q/Dash/BJ, all the BB's, Treo's, etc. I'll bet that most customers reach initial judgement about a device within 10-30secs of looking at it, particularly if it is driven by a well-designed marketing and advertising campaign.
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    LG has done some nice things and kept the price down. They are a company to watch.
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    I like the look of this phone. I like how hey have a seperate "emergency Info" listing for contacts that appears at the top of the contacts list. I have my address list configured so that the emergency info appears as my first entry and is very noticeable, as well as having it listed with my owner info. I still like the iphone icons better, but this is a very sleek looking phone. I wouldnt mind having something like that with a palm os and the ability to add 3rd party palm software.
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    That is one sexy mofo, but as usual VZW ruins it with their crappy U.I. Sigh..
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