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    Has anyone heard of Verizon's new offering:

    Verizon isn't kidding around this fall, with four new fashionable phones, a couple of which might divert a few iPhone dollars from archrival AT&T. It's those exact four that Engadget Mobile got the scoop on last weekend, the Juke, Pearl, Venus and Voyager. A few of the details have changed, but the basic gist is the same. The Samsung Juke is the first "flick" phone to hit the States, and arrives with 2GB of built-in storage, A2DP (which shows up in all these phones) and a VGA camera, and comes in blue, red or teal. Verizon's BlackBerry Pearl is the first Pearl to get EV-DO and a 3.5mm minijack, and also adds Verizon's VZ Navigator service, which is standard across these phones. The Venus slider sports an interesting dual screen setup, with the bottom providing contextual touch controls and the top one acting like all normal-like. Venus, with black or pink color options, is the real fashionphone of the group, and rocks a boring 2 megapixel sensor, but there's a microSD slot for up to 8GB of expansion. Finally, the Voyager (pictured) does it all, with a full screen touchscreen on the outside, and a second screen on the clamshell interior, facing a gargantuan QWERTY keyboard. V CAST Mobile TV makes an appearance, as does a microSD slot and 2 megapixel camera. All of these phones are supposed to be out by Thanksgiving, but no word on price or exact dates -- though the Juke and Pearl are hitting first, to be followed by the Venus and then the Voyager.
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    The Voyager, like the Venus, is made off of the same platform that the Prada and Viewty were made of. To say they were iPhone-influenced when the Prada hit the market before the iPhone (and was probably in development as long, if not a *touch* earlier) though might not be accurate.

    I can and will note that VZW is counting on the Voyager and Venus to do similar in terms of market and mindshare, however, this will be a carrier-driven device (carrier services with more or less some push on the tech from the manufacturer, rather than the entire shabang being the manufacturer and the carrier is along for the ride). That and these devices will ties very much into VZW's services, this is a shot at the iPhone, but will undercut it on price and overdo in some abilities.

    Oh, the UI is Flash-based, and very much closed. And these are feature phones, not smarpthones.
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    Verizon has a reputation of dumbing their phones down- I'd be interested in the voyager if it had a robust web browser, solid email & pim and if it could stream sling.

    somehow, I doubt that will all be there.

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