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    I just noticed this on today and it says it is new. The specs of the Iris looks interesting.
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    It's been flying under the radar that's for sure. The Iris was approved by the FCC last month. Pdadb doesn't list it, but other sites are indicating it has gpsOne (A-GPS). It's not that pretty to look at it, but in terms of features, it's got the Treo and Q beat. The only other negative, to me, is that it will only come with 1200mAh battery.

    I can't wait to see some actual pics and get some measurements.
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    fyi, all msm7500 chipsets and *all* WM cdma devices have GPSOne, you just can't use it due to carrier restrictions.

    The only thing this device has that is interesting is Wifi. 128/64 memory is a bit outdated.
    Seems kinda boring, imo.

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    Yes it seems boring, but could this be the basis for the next WM Treo for CDMA carriers? Then again some people like that form factor for the next device.

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