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    Samsung’s having quite the week, aren’t they? The most recent Sammy handset to show its face is this bad boy right here. This phone has already been announced by Vodafone, but had yet to show its face by way of Samsung themselves. The Samsung SGH-i640 is an upgraded version of the SGH-i620. It sports an impressive feature set, including Wi-Fi, GPS, Windows Mobile 6 Standard, UMTS/HSDPA, 2 megapixel camera, and much more. The i640, much like it’s younger brother, features an innovative slide-out QWERTY keyboard that unveils Samsung’s trademark too-small keys at the flick of a finger. Seriously, guys, is it too much to ask for a bit of a keyboard redesign and having the keyboard register fast key presses? Key concerns aside, this looks to be a worthy successor to the ailing Samsung i620. The only problem, of course, is that it’s Europe only right now. Sorry guys.

    So, also on Vodafone, it has the same UI as the Palm 500v, but also features an Ipod-like scroll wheel, HSDPA, WIFI and GPS. What chance does Palm have?

    It seems Palm is always a generation behind, and this generation is all about GPS, HSDPA and WIFI.

    See a video of the now familiar Vodafone UI here.

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    Spec wise I would have to agree, but let's talk price. Isn't the 500 rumored to be free with a contract? What do you think the Samsung will run - $300-$400? I think the Palm will have a good chance if the price difference is what I think it will be - IMHO.
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    I thought that the Palm was supposed to be an entry-level device and priced accordingly? I guess that some people didn't get the memo.
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    Sururs point is Palm can't match this, and they're arguably going in opposite directions. Sure its priced accordingly, but where is the 800? And will it have GPS? WIFI? Time will tell, but its looking worse and worse by the day for them
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    Also true. Palm really needs to hit a home run on their 800. Even if for no other reason but to bring back some of Wow and to create a halo effect for these entry level products that they seem to busting out.
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    In UK most phones are free with contract. You can get the N95 free with contract. The BlackBerry Curve is free with contract. Free wont help Palm in UK.

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    Wow. Samsung is on a roll with this and their WM6 Pro product. The Centro is already a canned product, but hopefully Palm can beef up the 800w's specs to match.
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    Palm it is like the Pink Floyd song...

    Is there anybody out there?
    Just give us our phone if you can here us.

    There is no pain your shares are receeding.
    Is there anyone at home?

    Just another Centro, that will keep you going thru the year.
    Come on it's time to go.

    Sorry I couldn't resist there are so many possibilities, look out Wierd Al.

    Ducking behind counter to dodge thrown food and sharp objects.

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    I would tend to agree with you Surur. The party is pretty crowded over there in the UK and Palm appears to be late. Makes you wonder why they would announce the 500v for that market. Seems like it would fair better stateside. Unless that is what Vodaphone ordered, in which case Palm was simply filling an order. I truly hope this was the case. Otherwise it doesn't look too good...
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