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    Just a heads up...

    Opera Mini 4 BETA2 now has a better BlackBerry user interface! It renders webpages much better than the BlackBerry Browser, and is pretty fast. Might want to give it a try on your BlackBerry (Enter in BlackBerry browser to download)

    Earlier, it had a crappy user interface (BETA1), but that has FINALLY been fixed.... Opera Mini 4 is the third party web browser. It has the great zoom-in-and-out feature. Not as good as iPhone, but good enough that I now view complicated webpages such as and at very fast speeds at nearly the same appearance as NetFront -- much faster than TREO can display these webpages.

    (Relevant links are here and there's an Opera Mini 4 BETA2 FAQ here.)
    Mark Rejhon
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    That's good news for BB users. I'd be all over the BB if someone would write a good email program like Chatter supporting IMAP idle, as you said in another thread. For now I'm back to my 700p (still on 1.06).

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