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    Originally posted by waytoomuchcoffe

    Color I can understand. Why exactly do you need 16-bit?
    Pictures and games and movie
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    First we need a powerful ARM processor.
    Then we need much more RAM that has enough space for all we want to do with a PDA: Complex games, MP3s, videos...
    Then we will need a high-res screen (at least 320x320) that can show good-quality videos or games. Of course, there should be a standard-resolution that every PalmOS PDA should use.
    Sound: We certainly need sound for PalmOS5. Big built-in speakers like PocketPCs? I don't know, but at least an earphone jack is necessary.

    But most important: Bluetooth
    Bluetooth should be standard for 5.0 devices. I don't know if there should be a built-in receiver, but at least we need an included Bluetooth module.
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