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    I like the Vogue (in it's black/grey iteration), interested to see what the increased processor speed and "sprint tweaks" does for the user experience. Also, the guys over at xda-developers are doing some really good looking customizations.
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    Neat looking but you just know everyone would cry foul about the screen. They want that look plus somehow a 3" VGA, which I can't see how that'd work.

    This is very nice! The solution is to make the buttons virtual of course. (just ask Apple )

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    Surur, the buttons are virtual, they just all tend to appear under the designated haptic feedback areas. IMO, this is a better solution than Apple's as one can use muscle memory and user-context to figure out what is going on and go from there. As much as I don't like MOto phones, this is one I'd consider (3G having of course) aspects such as messaging (SMS and Email) and the UI were done nice.
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