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    Why, he's been buying fancy real-estate when he should have been focusing on Palm Inc.'s growth challenges.


    Palm had $596 million on hand at the end of the third quarter....
    ....But Yankoff didn't have a good enough view from his office, so....

    ....Palm probably will need to get out of a $460 million deal to build a corporate campus in San Jose, Calif., for liquidity. Bruner detailed that in that case, Societe Generale Financial keeps the $238 million in collateral Palm already has posted and Palm gets the land. Palm will have to sell the land to recoup that cash, presumably in a better market than the current dour Silicon Valley downturn.
    I'm about to stroke out...
    "That IS a Palm III form-factor in my pocket, AND I'm happy to see you...."
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    Palm needs a serious corporate shakeup. The people running the company now are running it into the ground. My investment and consumer dollars are going into Handspring.

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